Streamline Branding for Small Business with Large Custom Stamps

The StampMaker is now offering a selection of large custom rubber stamps. These classic wood handle stamps come made-to-order in hundreds of sizes. Our largest stamp is 7.5”W x 5.75”H.  

Large rubber stamps are a low-cost way for small businesses to build brand cohesion and create an authentic look. They can be used to brand packaging, to-go bags, and signage. Adding your logo or design to wrapper packaging for food items or the tissue paper in your packaging is a simple way to elevate your look. Chocolate company Bon Bon Bon, for example, stamps their packaging so customers know the type of chocolate they’re getting. Similarly, White Pine Coffee uses stamps as part of their hand-hewn aesthetic

Rubber stamps are also handy for branding business cards and mail, including invoices and thank you letters. This adds a timeless touch to your envelopes and gives your letters a more professional appearance. Companies like Now Listen Here have found rubber stamps useful for marking product catalogs, brochures, and shopping bags.

You can even add your branding to clothing using a large rubber stamp and fabric ink. This is an inexpensive way to stamp your logo or signature on clothing and create a consistent, seamless look.

Extra Large Rubber Stamps

Our extra large rubber stamp is 7.5” x 5.75”, making it the perfect small business tool to further promote your brand on boxes, bags, and more. This custom stamp is also a great option for crafters who are working with large surfaces.

How to use Large Rubber Stamps

Although using a large rubber stamp may seem simple, you will want to use the proper technique to get a quality stamp impression. Begin by tapping your stamp on the ink pad several times to pick up a good amount of ink. Your ink pad should have the proper amount of ink on it. Too much or too little ink will cause the stamp impression to be illegible.

Next, line up your stamp where you want to make your impression and press down evenly with a slight rocking motion. Our large stamps come on a rocker-type wood stamp mount instead of a flat wood mount. The rocker mount allows for rocking the stamp on the ink pad and then rocking it on your surface for a more consistent impression.

Make sure you are stamping on a hard, flat surface. If your surface is not level or you aren’t able to apply proper pressure you may not be able to get a good impression.

How to Ink Large Rubber Stamps

Wood handle stamps give you more ink options than any other type of stamp. This allows you to change colors and use specialty inks for different applications.

When inking your large rubber stamp you will want to make sure your ink pad has the proper amount of ink, and tap the stamp several times. This will ensure that the stamp is properly covered and has picked up enough ink.

If you are switching to another color ink you will need to clean your stamp first. This can be done with a Stamp Scrubber Kit. Simply spray the cleaner on the scrubber pad and then use your stamp on the scrubber pad to clean. Wipe dry with a rag before using a new color.

Large Ink Pads for Rubber Stamps

Stamps pads are available in several sizes and for many rubber stamp applications. Whether you need an extra-large stamp pad or a standard size, we have a variety of sizes and colors available to ship in one business day.

Where can I order Large Rubber Stamps?

You can order a large custom stamp using our Custom Stamp Maker. This easy-to-use tool gives you the option to add text, a border, and an image. You can pick from our selection of clip art or upload your own image for straightforward customization. 

Our stamp design tool will automatically select the correct size wood handle for your stamp design. Simply enter your desired dimensions to get started. These economical rubber stamps ship in one business day!

Browse our offerings for large rubber stamps here.

How to Stamp a Rocker Wood Stamp

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