Save Time With Bank Deposit Stamps

Bank stamps are a workplace staple. In fact, they’re almost as essential as a stapler. They provide clean and quick solutions for actions that would otherwise take up valuable time.

Actions repeated day after day, such as writing names and number amounts or addresses, can be streamlined using bank stamps. Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from them most.

What Is a Bank Stamp?

A bank stamp, not surprisingly, is a stamp used in financial matters. But you won’t just see these stamps at banks. Bank stamps are common in workplaces everywhere. They speed up the essential and mundane tasks involved with running a business. 

Banking stamps are great for all paperwork involving financial matters. This includes, but is not limited to, matters of real estate, mortgages, and legal contracts. They streamline the process of document reading and signing by helping to draw the recipient’s attention to specific items.

Why You Still Need Bank Stamps

Bank stamps provide several key benefits: speed, consistency, and security. Using stamps is significantly quicker than providing all of the same information by hand.

The stamps also provide important consistency. When writing by hand, especially when doing so repeatedly, one is prone to make mistakes. In the world of financials, mistakes, however small, can lead to a massive headache.

Finally, bank stamps provide security. Using a stamp with the right information makes it much more difficult for items, like checks, to be stolen and deposited.

There are a few specific types of stamps that have uniquely valuable uses:

Endorsement Stamps

Bank endorsement stamps, also known as deposit stamps, are used to indicate that a check or other financial document has been deposited into a bank account. The stamp is usually placed on the back of the document or check and includes the words “For Deposit Only”, the bank name, and your account number. 

These are invaluable resources for both time and security. By having a consistent stamp of approval, it makes it much easier for the bank to identify fraudulent activity. Check with your bank to see what they advise you include on your endorsement stamp.

Bank Teller Stamps

Teller stamps are an essential part of the banking process. Tellers can use a stamp with their unique teller number to stamp important documents. They provide accountability along with a reliable way to determine the origin of a document.

Received Stamps

Received stamps are particularly useful in tracking the progress of a document. This could be a loan or application that needs to travel through multiple departments in order to be processed. A received stamp lets you confirm its route and allows applicants to see where it is in the process.

Security Stamps

Security stamps provide a simple and secure option for hiding sensitive information in documents. Instead of scribbling with a pen or trying to hide information with a sharpie line, just give it a quick stamp and render the information entirely illegible.

More Bank Stamps

While these bank stamps are some of the more relevant ones for most businesses, there are many others to choose from. Please note that we offer three different types of stamp bodies—wood handle rubber stamps, self-inking, and pre-inked. You will need an ink pad for the wood handle rubber stamp, but these stamps are still quick and easy to use. If you aren’t sure which to choose for your bank stamp, see our guide on stamp types.

If one of these stamps doesn’t suit your needs, we provide templates for creating a bank stamp that does. You can also use the custom stamp designer to create something entirely new.


There are countless applications for bank stamps these days. Do yourself a favor: save your hand, streamline your daily tasks, and invest in a bank stamp. 

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