Guide to Engineer Stamps and Seals

There are many types of engineers including corporate, civil, mechanical, and geological engineers. Each of these professionals must be certified to perform their engineering duties. Engineer stamps and seals help with this by ensuring that documentation is signed off on by a properly certified engineer. Whether you’re a newly minted engineer looking for your first stamp or you’re a seasoned pro who needs an update, read on to learn which type of engineer stamp or seal is best for you.

How to Obtain an Engineer Seal

After you’ve passed all your engineering exams, obtaining your professional engineer stamp is the easy part. At StampMaker, we carry engineer seals and stamps that suit the regulations of over 50 states and territories. Simply select the region in which you are licensed, choose the stamp body you prefer, and customize your engineer stamp with your name and other important legal information. Then you’ll be ready to legally sign off on important documents as a professional engineer.

We work closely with an engineering association to ensure that we are following the most current state regulations with our stamps – so you don’t have to worry about your state’s guidelines when shopping with StampMaker.

Stamp Body Options

The only part of the stamp or seal that must legally comply with certain standards is the impression. The stamp or embosser body style is up to you to choose. Read on to learn which body style is right for your engineering needs.

Wood handle

Wood handle engineering stamps are the most cost-effective choice, and they provide the traditional look and feel of a rubber stamp. If you’re going to be using your stamp infrequently in one location, such as in your office, a wood handle option could work for you.


Pre-inked engineering stamps are the best option for high volume stamping. They are also very portable and can go for up to 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked. They also make an extremely clear impression with ease, which is important when you’re signing off on legal documents.

Embosser Body Options

Some engineers prefer or are required to use an embosser in addition to their ink stamp. If you need an engineering embosser, there are two body styles to choose from—desktop and pocket embossers.


Desktop engineering embossers are sturdy and large compared to their pocket-sized counterparts. They are excellent options for in-office use, when travel isn’t a factor in your engineering work.


Pocket embossers are perfect for traveling engineers because they’re small enough to fit in a bag or purse. Even when you’re not traveling, a pocket engineering embosser will fit nicely in your desk drawer for safekeeping.

Engineering is important work, and an engineer’s professional seal signs off on that work. If you’re in need of an engineering seal or embosser, choose your region from our selection of states and territories to make finding a legally compliant stamp easy.

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