How to Protect Your Identity with an Identity Theft Protection Stamp

About 1 in 20 Americans are affected by identity theft each year, according to Experian, creating issues that can take months or even years to fix. Criminals can commit this fraud through data breaches, online scams, or taking documents with your personal identifying information. To protect yourself from identity theft, you’ll want to make sure that any paperwork with sensitive information is shredded or blocked out before discarding.

Identity theft protection stamps can be used to quickly and easily cover personal information on documents by making the text illegible. Self-inking stamps are good for several thousand impressions before re-inking, making this a cost-effective way to protect your identity.

These stamps are great for personal use or for small businesses that handle paperwork with sensitive information.

Best Identity Theft Protection Stamp

The Trodat 4912 Self Inking ID Protection Stamp is one of the best identity theft protection stamps for securing your documents. It leaves an impression 5/8" x 1 3/4" in size to block out text, and the self-inking stamp body allows you to efficiently process a high volume of documents. This type of stamp can also be re-inked as needed.

How to Re-Ink an Identity Theft Protection Stamp

Self-inking rubber stamps like the Trodat ID Protection Stamp can be re-inked by pushing the stamp down slightly and removing the ink pad. You can then add 5-10 drops of ink to the ink pad and re-insert it once the ink has absorbed. This prolongs the life of the stamp.

Please note that re-inking instructions will vary depending on the brand of rubber stamp. Always make sure your stamp ink is compatible with your stamp before re-inking.

Order an Identity Theft Protection Stamp

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