How to Increase Your Efficiency at Work with Date Stamps

Have things been feeling a little slow in the office lately? Are you getting in the groove just to slow to a snail’s pace each time you have to write the same date over and over again? Date stamps are an incredibly effective and often underutilized tool. Simply stamping and moving on, you can save yourself time and frustration.

How Can Date Stamps Make You More Efficient?

There are three key ways that date stamps make the office more efficient:

  • Streamline daily tasks
  • Encourage efficient organization
  • Improve accuracy

Streamline Daily Tasks

In any office, it’s important to streamline daily tasks. This is done by identifying and eliminating the items that take up an unnecessary amount of time. A large culprit of this is administrative work, which often requires repetitive tasks. Using date stamps instead of writing the date by hand can save time and help employees concentrate on important tasks.

Organize Efficiently

Using a date stamp is so quick and easy, you’ll find yourself doing it on everything! The unique side benefit of this is that your documents will be much easier to organize.

Joking aside, including a date on important documents is a great way to improve organization. At The StampMaker, we offer date stamps for receiving, paid, and approved. Tracking a document’s progress through the office pipeline can save a lot of hassle and confusion. This practice can be essential for the management of important documents.

Improve Accuracy

For the first time in a year, we’re using a new number at the end of our dates. How long will it take you to adjust to that? Using date stamps is an excellent way to increase accuracy over time.

Beyond this, a date stamp provides a consistent, readable format for the date. In this way, using date stamps can improve the accuracy on the receiving end of documents as well. It’s much easier to misread quickly scrawled handwriting than a clear stamp impression.

Different Types of Date Stamps

Date stamps are a kind of band stamp. This means that part of the stamp rotates, allowing you to use one stamp to make multiple impressions. If you’re having trouble adjusting your stamp, we have a guide here.

For ease of use in different circumstances, these stamps are offered in two forms: regular (rubber) or self-inking. Let’s discuss some of the differences.

Rubber Date Stamps

Rubber date stamps are unique in that they do not come with a built-in ink supply. This provides two specific benefits: the stamp itself costs less, and you can change the color with each impression.

Rubber stamps require more time to use because you need to ink them. Additionally, if the ink is applied poorly, they may not produce consistent results. They also require you to purchase a separate ink pad.

Self-Inking Date Stamps

Self-inking date stamps use a mechanism to ink the design on an internal ink pad. This pad can be reinked for further use. Not needing to ink the stamp separately makes it easier to make many consistent and quick impressions. Since you don’t often need to change ink color in an office environment, self-inking stamps are known to be reliable office tools.


Date stamps can significantly increase productivity in the workplace by eliminating the need to handwrite every date. This practice reduces the time spent on low-value tasks. Having dates on documents, in turn, makes them much easier to organize, further saving time and difficulty. Overall, using date stamps makes for an excellent experience, and we cannot recommend it enough!

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