Guide to Architect Seals & Stamps


Architect stamps are used to authenticate important documents in the building pipeline. In order for official documents like design reports and drawings to meet legal standards, they require an architect stamp. The use of this stamp indicates that an architect has supervised the preparation of the documents.

When to Use Your Architect Stamp

Regulations for use of architect stamps vary by state. In many states, architects are required to use an architect stamp—along with their signature—on plans, specifications, and other instruments of service. The use of this stamp indicates that they are responsible for the documents in question. For this reason, architects should never stamp documents created by someone else without their supervision.

The architect’s stamp makes them responsible for any errors the document may contain. Be sure to check the regulations for your state before making any building decisions.

How to Follow State Regulations

Different states have different design specifications for their architect stamps. Even simple parts of the design like the outer ring fall under legal specifications. For example, Pennsylvania requires an outer ring of tick marks.

Regarding other stamp specifications, many states require items like the state's name, the term “Licensed Architect”, the architect’s name, license number, and the renewal date of the license.

When looking for an architect stamp or seal, The StampMaker takes all the guesswork out for you. We have state-regulated templates for each state. All you need to do is select your state, choose a template, and customize the information. This keeps stress over format to an absolute minimum.

How to Design an Architect Stamp

We created the state-specific architect stamp templates to make the process more straightforward. When designing your own stamp, make sure that you reference these regulations frequently (they can be found easily online).

Beyond the design on the stamp, you can choose the type of stamp. We offer a choice between wood handle rubber stamps, pre-inked stamps, and self-inking stamps. For more guidance choosing between the three, you can visit our guide here.

As a quick overview, rubber stamps require an external ink pad, which gives the most flexibility with inking options but the least consistency.

Pre-inked stamps use an oil-based ink that perpetually saturates the stamp in order to provide consistent impression. These are the most expensive option but last for 50,000+ stamp impressions.

Self-inking stamps use water-based ink with a rotating mechanism to re-ink the stamp after each impression in a way that provides consistency and speed.

If you're unsure of which stamp type to choose, reach out to our team. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and talk through the best stamp for your specific work scenarios.


If you’re a licensed architect, in many states, an architectural stamp is a necessity to fulfill the legal requirements for official documents. These requirements vary state by state, so it’s equally essential to ensure that you know what your state of residence is looking for.

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