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How to Choose the Right Embosser
Embossers create raised impressions on paper. They are great for both aesthetic and security reasons. If you don't know which seal embosser will be the best fit for you, you're in the right place.
How to Choose the Right Notary Stamp
The most important factors to consider when choosing a notary stamp are the notary laws of your state. States have different design elements that they require, along with rules for when a notarized document is required.
Using Stamp Designers
We have a number of stamp designers to make it easy for you to personalize stamps. Here's how to use them!
How To: Operating Your Embossing Seal
Check out our video on how to use a shiny embossing seal.
Ordering Signature Stamps
If you need to order a signature stamp, check out this how-to guide.
How to Re-Ink a Self-Inking Stamp
This guide to re-inking includes videos and step-by-step instructions for how to re-ink the most popular stamps.
How To: Re-inking a Mark II Ink Pad
Wondering how to reuse Mark II ink pads? Check out this helpful video.
Stamping on Non-Porous Surfaces
Wondering how to stamp on non-porous surfaces like plastic, metal, and glossy paper? Here's a how-to guide.
How To: Upload Your Own Design
Having trouble uploading your own art to the stamp designer? Check out this tutorial.
Make a Quality Stamp Impression
Check out this guide to see how to make quality stamp impressions.
How to Identify Stamps
Wondering which stamp body type you should order? This video will help you decide.
How To: Adjust your date stamp
If you're having difficulty adjusting your date stamp, this video can help you troubleshoot.
How To: Change a Rubber Stamp Die
If you stamp body is intact but you need to change the rubber dye, this video will walk you through the process.
Tips for Emailing Artwork
Emailing your order? Check out our tips for emailing stamp art.
How To: Use a Band Stamp
You know what band stamps are for, but how do you use one? This guide will give you some tips.
How to Clean a Rubber Stamp and Care for It
Cleaning rubber stamps properly is one of the most important parts to ensure a long life for those stamps.
How to Use Custom Made Stamps in Your Packaging & Print Materials
Are you looking for ways to take your branding to the next level?
How to Use Print Marketing to Help Your Small Business Thrive
Cultivating a strong brand requires more than digital marketing — no matter what type of business you manage.
Saving Time with Office Stamps
We have various stamps that are ideal for office use, including several pre inked stamp options and custom rubber stamps that can be personalized to meet your exact needs.
Tips & Tricks for Stamping on Fabric
One of the best things about stamping is that you can create with so many different mediums! Here we’re going to discuss how to stamp on fabric.
How Ink is Made
Making ink is a complicated, chemical process that is fine-tuned to achieve specific characteristics for each ink product.
How to Organize Your Life (with Stamps)
Being good at organization is a learned life skill. Everyone who is good at organization had to learn the best organizing strategy for themselves. It’s a journey, but it’s worth it.
Using Stamps for Your Loyalty Program
We go through the ins and outs of loyalty programs and how you can use custom-made stamps to make your program effective.
Make Your Own Business Cards with Stamps
Making your own business cards is a great investment for your business, letting you create attention-grabbing, personal, and affordable business cards that will stand out.
Choosing the Right Stationery Paper for Your Embosser
When using an embosser, the most crucial component is the stationary that you choose. Paper is defined by grade and basis weight. To pick the right paper to emboss, you must understand the different grades of paper and what a basis weight is.
Stamping Bags: How to Stamp Bags | Instructions and Videos
A popular use for a custom stamp is to stamp labels or logos on a paper shopping bag, gift bag, or fabric bag. This is an inexpensive way to add branding or a personal touch to your bags.
How to Use a Rocker Stamp: Instructions and Video
Rocker stamps have a rounded bottom and classic wood handle body. They can be used to make large stamp impressions and are popular for stamping boxes and other packaging. Because these stamps use separate ink pads, you can use a variety of ink colors with your rocker stamp.
Stamping Boxes: How to Stamp Boxes | Video and Instructions
Yes, you can stamp a cardboard box. Cardboard is a porous surface, meaning the ink will absorb into the cardboard rather than sit on the surface. This makes it easier to stamp.
How to Guide: How to Decorate an Envelope
Stamping a monogram or return address is one of the most popular uses for a rubber stamp. Learn how to decorate your envelope with a stamp here.
How to Troubleshoot Poor Quality Stamp Impressions
Rubber stamps are a low-cost, effective way to leave a crisp, clear impression. Learn how to troubleshoot common issues & get the perfect impression here.
How to Use Fabric Ink for Easy Personalization
With fabric ink, you can mark cloth with logos, designs, names, or identification numbers. This is an efficient, low-cost way for individuals and businesses to create t-shirts for a group, add branding to fabric materials.
How to Use an Xstamper Quick Dry Stamp on Plastic, Metal, or Glass
The XStamper pre-inked quick dry stamps work well with multiple surfaces, including non-porous surfaces. While the XStamper is ideal for paper, it also creates a crisp stamp impression on metal, glass, or plastic surfaces.
How to Stamp a Maxlight Stamp: Tips for Using Pre-Inked Stamps
Maxlight pre-inked stamps are a great choice when you need clean, precise impressions. Here are some quick tips to get the best impression with a Maxlight stamp.
Different Types of Rubber Stamps: Pre-Inked, Self-Inking, Wood Handle
Every job requires a different stamp. While the crafter may be more drawn to the flexibility of a wood handle stamp, an officer worker may choose a pre-inked stamp for the ease of use. Each type of stamp has its own benefits, so what are they? Let’s break them down.
How to Increase Your Efficiency at Work with Date Stamps
Date stamps are an incredibly effective and often underutilized tool. Simply stamping and moving on, you can save yourself time and frustration.
How to Stamp on Metal
Stamping on non-porous surfaces like metal can be tricky. Regular stamp ink does not adhere properly to the surface and is slow to dry, which makes it easy to smudge or smear.
How to Protect Your Identity with an Identity Theft Protection Stamp
Identity theft protection stamps can be used to quickly and easily cover personal information on documents by making the text illegible.
Is It Time to Check Your Date Stamp?
These handy stamps are typically made to last at least a decade, so people often forget to check how many dates they have left before needing to reorder.
Past Due Stamps
We carry several types of past due stamps. These inexpensive but long-lasting rubber stamps are available in three different stamp bodies.
Streamline Branding for Small Business with Large Custom Stamps
The StampMaker is offers a selection of large custom rubber stamps.
Embossing: What is Embossing and How Do I Emboss?
Embossers are used in a number of professions to validate documents with a seal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the unique needs of each person, from portable pocket models to sturdy desktop options.
Save Time With Bank Deposit Stamps
Bank stamps provide clean and quick solutions for actions that would otherwise take up valuable time.
How to Use Your Embosser: The Different Uses for Embossers
Embossers create a raised impression on stationery, using a visual and tactile colorless design. The raised design left by an embosser is great for personal and professional use.
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