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We understand that you often need to stamp a substrate other than paper! View our options for stamping a variety of surfaces.

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quick dry stamps
Quick dry ink stamps dry in as little as 20 seconds on metal, plastic, photographs, and other non-porous surfaces.
fabric stamps
These rubber stamps are great for marking camp clothes, school clothes or for industrial applications!
stamps for skin
We offer several non-toxic options for stamping on skin!

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Ideal for Various Surfaces

Our collection of special application stamps is ideal for various unique surfaces and substrates other than paper. Explore everything from fast dry stamps that dry in as little as 20 seconds or stamps designed for fabric and skin. Special application stamps are available in various colors and sizes to suit your needs and preference. If you need to stamp metal, plastic, photographs, or other non-porous surfaces, a quick dry stamp minimizes smearing for a neat and clean surface. Quick dry stamps are excellent for any business to leave a signature, number, or logo on items such as photographs or art prints with glossy paper.

Stamp on Skin

This assortment of special application stamps also includes stamps for skin, which are great for use in schools, events, or bars to mark entrant’s hands before admission. Some styles of skin stamps can only be seen under a black light, and each stamp leaves an impression that can be easily washed off. In addition to quick dry stamps and stamps for skin, we also carry fabric stamps which leave bold, clear marks on clothing, bags, and more. Perfect for arts and crafts or industrial applications, fabric stamps can withstand ironing and washing. Whichever special application stamp you need, each one can be fully customized with a design, name, number and more.

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