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Teachers - make your job easier with our stamps! Teacher stamps let you stamp your message quickly and neatly whether its just a simple grade stamp or needing parent signatures! Choose a stock Teacher Stamp below or create your own using our Stamp Wizard . Our rubber stamps are made right here, so ship in one business day!


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Teacher Stamps for your Classroom

Teacher stamps are excellent tools to grade papers, congratulate students, and much more. Our selection of stamps for teachers features long-lasting products designed to leave bold impressions in various colors. With built-in pads, quickly leave attractive marks on papers, projects, and documents without needing to re-ink in between uses.

Place various symbols, including smiley faces, a thumbs-up, A+, and more with our dynamic teacher stamps. These stamps are great for in-class use as well as for grading papers or giving students projects and documents to take home that require a parent signature.

Leave Thousands of Impressions

Choose from a variety of teacher stamps to leave clear impressions and marks rather than manually writing grades, remarks, and more. Save time on all of your administrative processes with a teacher stamp in your classroom or while grading papers. This collection of stamps is easy to use and can leave thousands of impressions before needing to re-ink the internal stamp.

Leave fun and encouraging images and words that students and parents will appreciate by stocking up on teacher stamps for your classroom. Make grading papers easier, or incentivize students to complete classwork with a stamp as a reward. Ideal for various ages, stamps for teachers are a must-have in any classroom.

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