How to Use Custom Made Stamps in Your Packaging & Print Materials

Are you looking for ways to take your branding to the next level? Are you wondering how to add personality to your storefront, online shop, cafe, or eatery? Custom rubber stamps for packaging are one way to share your logo and name with customers for a unique touch that also strengthens your business’s brand. Below we dissect how stamps can contribute to your marketing efforts, and through specific ways you can utilize custom-made stamps to enhance your packaging and print materials.

How Packaging Stamps Can Strengthen Your Business

Rubber stamps are a versatile tool that add an appealing look to different packaging and print materials used in your business. With their timeless appearance, each whimsical stamp impression evokes a sense of timeless authenticity. They also create a strong brand identity. When guests see your business’s name or logo across various print materials, such as coffee sleeves and thank-you cards, it contributes to greater brand recognition.

Overall, when marketing your business, finding ways to express your brand as cohesively as possible is critical. It communicates exactly what people can expect from you, enabling your target audience to identify with your business and your offerings. In addition, it creates a memorable impression that people will look forward to engaging with time and again.

8 Materials to Embellish with Print Stamps and Custom-Made Packaging Stamps

To find some inspiration for incorporating custom-made stamps for print and packaging materials, explore the 8 items outlined below.

1. Take-Out Bags

Whether you sell hand-made jewelry at craft fairs, baked goods in your cafe, or magnets in your shop, customize each bag beforehand with your logo or name.

2. Shipping Boxes

If you ship items to customers, consider adding your unique design to every shipping box, like Cat Golden of Nine Lives Health. You can add one or two simple and clean impressions, or choose to take a bolder approach and cover the box in your logo or other images that reflect your brand.

3. Delivery Crates

Do you ever ship in large quantities or deliver bulk orders? Sometimes, these larger orders are for your most valued customers who order on a consistent basis. Find a way to personalize the receptacles used, either by labeling the contents of each container with a pre-inked stamp impression or by simply adding your logo to every crate.

4. Coffee Sleeves

Rather than providing customers with blank sleeves, create tailor-made ones with your logo. Customers might even choose to keep the sleeves around if they are big fans of your coffee shop.

This idea can also apply to those who don’t own a coffee shop. Are you setting up an all-day stand at an event? Consider offering coffee or tea to people who visit your stand, and customize each coffee sleeve with a stamp when preparing for the event.

5. Thank You Cards

No matter what type of business you own, it’s likely that you provide thank you cards for your customers. Create a more unique, brand-specific appreciation note by stamping your signature or a design. This option is especially impactful if it matches the stamp aesthetic on other packaging materials, like your shipping box or take-out bag.

6. Custom Art

Do you sell paleo-friendly cookies? Create a small 5 x 5 in. art print featuring a simple graphic of cookies — and your tagline with a custom stamp. Or do you operate a coffee shop? Create (or hire someone to, maybe a creative employee) some pieces of art that resonate with your brand, adding your logo with a custom-made stamp.

If you run a more modern cafe, create a contemporary piece with different-colored shapes and put your shop’s logo inside one of the shapes. Your main business product might not be “art,” but you can certainly use art as a means of marketing your business. In addition, it enables you to offer an attractive print material that many may choose to hold onto, increasing brand loyalty.

7. Certificates of Authentication

No matter what type of product you offer, you can create a small “certificate of authenticity” for each item sold. Even a simple “This scarf has been lovely made by us” with your logo can go a long way. Alternatively, if you sell your original art, you can create a more ornate and professional certificate with cursive lettering and your business’s logo or the owner’s signature at the bottom.

8. Address

Create a custom-made packaging stamp with your return address, and stamp all envelopes and packages with it. Not only does this communicate your brand aesthetic, but it also saves time.

6 Techniques for Using Stamps in Your Packaging and Print Materials

You can add an even more creative element by using your custom-made stamps in unique and different ways. Below we go through 6 whimsical and catchy techniques to convey your brand’s aesthetic and emotional essence.

1. Opt for Different Colors

Instead of sticking to just one color, choose several different colored ink pads that accurately reflect your brand.

2. Share a Quote

Rather than simply sticking to your logo, consider compiling several quotes that emanate what your brand is going for. Bon Bon Bon, a business known for their unique and flavorful chocolates, includes the words “You make my heart go Bon Bon Bon” on their packaging materials.

3. Create a Custom Logo Stamp

A classic technique, create a packaging stamp for your business with your logo or design on it and use this to decorate print materials and packaging items.

4. Use On-Brand Images and Graphics

You don’t have to stick to just your logo as far as imagery goes. Do you design tailored flower arrangements for customers? Cover your thank-you cards in flower stamps. Does your art shop sell nature designs? Cover your shipping boxes in stamps of plants, birds, and trees.

5. Utilize Stamps to Include Your Signature

Whether for certificates of authentication, thank-you cards, or even business cards, create a custom-made stamp with your signature. This can save time and ensure consistency across various items.

6. Completely Cover Materials in Stamps

Rather than simply adding a few stamps here and there, considering stamping materials repeatedly for a more intense effect. This could be perfect for bolder, cheekier brands, like businesses that create hand-crafted whiskey or pop art.

Hopefully, this guide has provided some useful ideas you can use to strengthen your small business’s marketing strategy. By customizing stamps exactly to your liking, you can create on-brand, time-saving tools to share your logo, name, and aesthetic in numerous ways.

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