How to Clean a Rubber Stamp and Care for It

Cleaning rubber stamps properly is one of the most important parts to ensure a long life for those stamps. Whether stamping is your hobby or part of your job, you’ve poured money into it, so you should care for them properly. If you don’t, your stamps will get dirty and dusty, losing their details (and, thus, their designs). They can contaminate your ink pads, as well. Cleaning your stamps is essential to get that good-quality stamped image.

*If you kept your stamps’ manufacturer’s information, read over it to see how they say you should clean your stamps. That’s the best guide to ensure that you clean each of your stamps well.

How to Clean Rubber Stamps

First things first, rubber stamps are mounted on a woodblock. Because of this, you should avoid submerging your stamp in any liquid because it’ll not only warp the wood but also degrade the adhesive between the stamp and the wood, causing the stamp to eventually peel off. With that said, some stamp cleaners have dabber tops or you can grab a towel or toothbrush, to thoroughly clean your stamps without submerging them in liquid.

Here’s a few steps to help you clean your stamps:

  • Blot the stamp on some wastepaper when stamping. This helps get rid of the excess ink and will make it easier to clean it later.
  • Use soap and water. This is one of the most common ways to clean rubber stamps, and it’s easy and affordable.
  • Use a cleaning solution. These thoroughly clean your stamp, as they are made specifically for certain inks that you may use.
  • Let the stamps air dry before putting them away.

*Avoid using products that contain alcohol, as well, since this may dry out the stamp.

*A clean stamp can be stained. Don’t scrub too hard to try to get the stains off. This will damage the rubber.

Stamp Cleaners

Stamp cleaners can be found in most craft stores and stamp suppliers. Here’s a list of some of the more common stamp cleaners. At StampMaker, we offer both a stamp scrubber pad as well as Ultra stamp cleaner

  • The stamp scrubber pad is a textured scrubbing pad that allows you to wipe away the ink if you want to use a new color or preserve the lifespan of your stamp.
  • The Ultra stamp cleaner should be used in conjunction with the scrubber pad or can be sprayed on a towel cloth in order to use a new ink color or preserve the lifespan of your stamp.

Proper Storage & Care

Rubber stamps are somewhat of fragile. They are made of wood (which can rot and warp) and rubber (which can dry out and crack). Storage is an important piece of extending the life of your rubber stamps. For proper storage, make sure to avoid storing them in any place that could leave dents in the stamps. Flat containers are best, while wicker or metal baskets are often harmful. It’s, also, important to keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid drying and cracking. The best conditions to store them in are a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight and no extreme humidity or heat.


Once you have invested in your stamps, remember how important it is to take good care of them and keep them clean so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Store them properly and treat the wood-mounted rubber stamps well, not submerging them in water or leaving them in humid areas. To thoroughly enjoy your hobby, you need to thoroughly take care of it. Happy stamping!

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