What is a Seal Embosser?

Embossers create a raised impression on paper by pressing the page between two laser engraved plates. Not only do embossers create a professional look, but they are essential for performing certain legal duties, like notarizing paperwork or signing off on an engineering plan. Read on to learn about the many uses for an embosser and how you can create a personalized embosser to suit your embossing needs.

Common Business Uses for Embossers

Many businesses can benefit from creating a custom embosser, and some offices need to use them to perform essential functions, like notarizing paperwork or signing blueprints. No matter what type of business you run, an embosser will add professionalism to your paperwork and documentation.

Notary Embosser

In some states and territories, a notary embosser is required for a notary’s signature to be legally binding. Even if you don’t need an embosser for your notary work, many overseas offices will not accept paperwork without an embossed notary seal. If you’re dealing with documents that may need to be used out of the country, it’s best to have a notary embosser in addition to your traditional notary stamp.

Architect Embosser

We carry architect embossers that are compliant with codes in all 50 states and several U.S. territories, so all you have to do is select the area in which you are a licensed architect and fill out any personal information that needs to go onto the embosser. Architect embossers make signing off on blueprints and other building documents professional and easy.

Engineers Embosser

Like architects and notaries, engineers must follow regulations in their area for paperwork to be legally binding. Part of that duty is signing documents with a professional embosser. If you select your state or territory from our list, you can customize your engineer embosser with your name, license number, and any other necessary information, all while staying in compliance to the codes in your area.

Legal Offices

Legal offices send out important documents every day, and it’s essential that those documents look professional. A custom embosser with your law office’s seal can help authenticate paperwork in a way that is difficult to fake or forge, giving peace of mind to you and the paperwork’s recipient.


A corporate seal gives authority and professionalism to the paperwork that you send out to clients, partners, or stakeholders. You can create a corporate embosser that includes your business name, date of incorporation, and other personalized information with ease.

Embosser Body Options

Depending on your work style, you might choose either a desktop or a pocket embosser. Below, we’ll discuss the difference between the two to help you make your decision.

Desktop Embossers

Desktop embossers are larger than pocket units and are meant to stay in the office. Their robust, sturdy, metal frame lets them emboss large numbers of documents in quick succession, like in a college admissions office or a notary public. They also have rubberized feet which keep them from moving on your desktop when embossing.

Pocket Embossers

Pocket embossers are portable for on-the-go embossing. They’re useful for notaries who travel, architects and engineers who work in the field, or lawyers who meet with clients in multiple locations. Even if you are not traveling, a pocket embosser fits perfectly in a desk drawer for more infrequent use.

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