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We are a certified SAM affiliate and CAGE and DUNS identified small business.

SAM/Unique Entity ID: W5GPCK3EUQS9

The SAM code is required to contract with the federal government or receive grants. By receiving our SAM code, we are federally compliant.

CAGE Code: 4PNW1

The CAGE identifier allows us to do business with the government and sell our products to federal entities.

DUNS: 607147493

The DUNS identifier is a unique, numerical identifier that is required for funding from federal grants and cooperative agreements.

Rubber Stamps for U.S. Government Entities

Rubber stamps are an inexpensive way for government entities to streamline processes and become more organized.

These government office stamps are useful in a variety of government settings, including:

  • Federal, state, county and city governments
  • Universities and other schools
  • Naval ships and other military establishments
  • Parks and Recreation departments
  • Courts
  • Prisons

Whether you need to quickly order custom seals for government employees or speed up routine office tasks, we offer a selection of high-quality rubber stamps to meet your needs

Shop our wide selection of rubber stamps or contact us for help ordering rubber stamps for your government office.

Government Office Stamps

Notary Stamps and Seals

We carry notary seals that meet the requirements for all 50 states, plus several U.S. territories like the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Simply choose the state or territory for which you need a notary stamp to see all of our compliant options.

We offer easy customization and fast delivery on all of our products so you can keep notary operations in your government office running smoothly.

Official Seals

Government entities like cities and universities can use our high-quality custom seals to leave a crisp, clean mark on paperwork and products. This creates a professional, uniform look and can add a layer of security by confirming that a document was reviewed.

Date Stamps

Date stamps have movable bands for the month, day, and year. This makes it quick and easy to add the date to bill payments, shipping and receiving paperwork, received or sent mail, and other documents. The date stamp’s versatility makes it a popular choice for every type of government office.

Routing Stamps

Routing stamps are used to help identify and sort government documents. These routing stamps include initial spaces where employees can sign off on paperwork.

You can easily create and order a custom routing stamp that meets the needs and requirements of your specific government entity or office with the StampMaker.

Bank Stamps

Bank stamps make routine tasks simple by quickly and cleanly marking up paperwork with notes or instructions. Popular bank stamps for government offices include For Deposit Only stamps, which add a restrictive endorsement to checks, and Certified True Copy stamps, which identify that a document is a true copy of the original.

Bank stamps ship in one business day.

Name and Title Stamps

Name stamps are an efficient way to sign documents and quickly process a pile of paperwork at the office. These types of rubber stamps are favored by government employees like military doctors, who can carry a convenient pocket-style name stamp to authorize documents as they move throughout their day.

Signature Stamps

Signature stamps are a clean and streamlined way to sign checks or other documents. This ensures a uniform signature every time and makes it faster to get through tedious tasks like payroll. This stamp can be adapted for many different applications, making it useful for all types of government entities.

Types of Government Office Stamps

Our rubber stamps typically come in three stamp body types: wood handle, pre-inked, and self-inking.

  • The classic wood handle stamp is the most economical choice. It requires a separate ink pad, which allows you to switch between ink colors if desired.
  • The self-inking rubber stamp has a built-in ink pad, so you don’t need to manually ink the stamp between impressions. This makes it well-suited for date stamps and other types of government office stamps that will have daily, high-volume use. The self-inking stamp is good for 7,000+ impressions and can be re-inked when needed.
  • A pre-inked rubber stamp has ink built into the stamp itself, which eliminates the flipping motion of a self-inking stamp. This creates an even faster stamping experience. A premium pre-inked stamp is good for 50,000 impressions and built of durable materials for long-lasting use.

Some types of stamps are also available in a convenient pocket size that is easy to carry and store. This makes it well-suited for medical professionals and other government employees who frequently move from place to place.

Ordering stamps for your government office is simple with the StampMaker

The StampMaker is an approved U.S. government vendor. Shop our wide selection of rubber stamps or contact us for help ordering rubber stamps for your government office.

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