Stamps for Skin

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We offer several non-toxic options for stamping on skin! View our various options for dry time, ink bleed on skin, and ease of removal from skin. Don't miss our invisible or ultraviolet ink which will show blue when viewed under a black light. Easy to order and quick 1 day shipment!


Non-Toxic, dries quickly, no bleed on skin. Lasts up to 1 day on skin.
Non-Toxic Invisible Hand Stamp Ink Kit
Non-Toxic Invisible Hand Stamp Ink
Ultraviolet Light (Black Light)
2" x 6" - also contains a flashlight
Non-Toxic, dries quickly, no bleed on skin. Lasts up to 1 day on skin.
Invisible ink for cardboard, plastic and metal.
Invisible ink for cardboard, plastic and metal.

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Hands stamps offer a unique way to mark entrants’ hand at events or establishments, and they also add a distinctive element to costumes. Custom hand stamps allow you to create a unique mark in adherence to the brand of your event or the time of use. Stock up on several unique stamps for skin to differentiate between days at festivals, bars, or clubs to ensure proper count of guests and fee payment. Bracelets can easily be lost or traded between guests, while hand stamps create a more individualized system for admitting guests.

We also carry numerous invisible hand stamps for events that can be seen with a UV or black light. This is more appealing for guests who may not want to have visible ink on their body. Custom hand stamps are easy to apply and also dry quickly, which is ideal for high-volume carnivals, nightclubs, or amusement parks. If you operate a large venue, catering service, or are hosting an event, hand stamps are a unique and efficient way to admit guests.

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