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Now Listen Here is a hi-fi store that caters to customers seeking exceptional music reproduction in their homes. For the uninitiated—typically those too young to remember a time before Bluetooth speakers and cell phones with earbuds—we sell high fidelity (hi-fi) stereo systems capable of approximating live music in the comfort of your home. Specifically, this means we sell speakers and amplifiers plus the sources for the music including turntables, CD players, streamers, and servers. System complexity varies greatly from all-in-one speakers to an entire rack (or two) of components dedicated to the ultimate in sonic performance. We have something for everyone no matter where you are on your audio journey.

Exhibiting at a HiFi Show

In 2019 we exhibited at the consumer hi-fi show, Capital Audio Fest, located just outside Washington, DC. This is the largest such event on the East Coast and the closest one to our store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We were excited for the show and wanted to make a big splash. We reserved three rooms to demonstrate our products. However, with more than 80 listening rooms between the convention center and several hotel floors, there was a lot of ground for an attendee to cover. We needed to draw foot traffic to our rooms and make sure people remembered our name after they left our rooms. We had all the normal signage, handouts, and pens but we wanted something to entice people to visit all our rooms since each room had different brands and price points.

Enter the promotion! We decided to give away a pair of $2,000 speakers which we were also demoing in one of our rooms. To enter, attendees had to visit all three of our rooms and get the entry forms stamped. The entry form was created with a stamp area for each room and a little information about what equipment we were demoing in each space. We designed a custom logo stamp using The StampMaker’s design tool and purchased one for each room using different ink colors so we could reduce the possibility of fraud. Given the fast-paced nature of the show, we chose a self-inking stamp body which, while a little more money than a wood handle stamp, paid for itself with ease of use.

We had great traffic in our three rooms and collected a lot of customer contact information for follow-up after the show. The self-inking logo stamp was the right choice since it allowed for a fast and clean stamp with each visitor. It helped to make the giveaway a great success!

More Uses

We really had no plans for the stamps post-show, but as we have been trying to more strongly brand our store we have found several other uses for our logo stamps—and the self-inking stamp pads haven’t run dry yet!

The stamp aesthetic complements our logo—particularly the vinyl record/turntable mark—by giving it a vintage vibe. When we were designing our logo, we actually had a mockup showing a weathered version of the logo on a t-shirt which closely resembles a stamp impression. We were very happy with the look of the logo with the stamps in all the colors.

Product Catalogs and Brochures

Several of our manufacturers provide catalogs and brochures. Some have a place for a dealer to apply an address sticker (and others don’t), but a stamp impression of our logo is much faster to apply and nicer looking.

Shopping Bags

We use paper bags for small merchandise sales. This makes up a small portion of our sales, so we never went to the expense of having custom-printed bags. Recently we started stamping our logo on the bags to add a touch of branding. Now we’re planning to get a new stamp design, with a much larger stamp impression size, on a wood handle stamp body. We feel this is a low-cost way to improve the experience of our brand.

Shipping Boxes

In recent months we’ve begun to sell product through our website. It wasn’t much of a leap to extend our bag stamping to our shipping boxes.


While our foray into stamps was driven by the practical needs of the giveaway, we’ve come to appreciate the many creative ways that stamps can be leveraged in our business. Stamps are an economical way to add a unique branding touch to the everyday items already being used in our business.

Design Your Own Custom Rubber Stamps

If you have a logo or design that you want to make into a stamp, simply upload your artwork and we will give you different stamp options.

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