Guide to Notary Stamps and Seals

An official notary stamp or seal is the most important tool for a notary public because it is needed to authenticate documents in your given state. Notary stamps can also save you time and create more efficient work processes in your business or office. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between notary stamps and notary embossers so you can choose a product that’s right for the job at hand.

What are Notary Stamps Used For?

Any business or office that deals in legally-binding paperwork will most likely need a notary’s signoff at some point. For example, car dealerships need to have a notary nearby for transferring titles to new car buyers, and courthouse officials use a notary for signing off on items like marriage licenses. There are also public notary offices that can notarize a range of documents for customers with different paperwork needs. However, without a notary stamp that complies with the regulations of the state or territory where you reside, a notary’s signature is not valid by law. These stamps or seals prove that the notary is active and licensed in your given area.

Why Choose a Notary Stamp or Seal from The Stamp Maker?

TheStampMaker makes it easy to choose a notary stamp or seal that will work with the regulations in your area. We carry stamps and embossers that comply with regulations from all 50 states, plus several U.S. territories like the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Simply select the area where you are a licensed notary, choose your stamp or seal and customize from there. Next, you can easily add the personal effects required, like your name, the date of your notary commission, and when that commission will expire. We offer convenient service and fast shipping on all of our products, so whether you choose a notary stamp or seal, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied.

Notary Stamps are Cost-Effective and Convenient

Notary stamps available in a range of styles. Choose a wood handle notary seal to allow for the use of different inks at an affordable price, or select a self-inking or pre-inked option for repeated stamping minus the need to re-dip in an ink pad.

For on-the-go notaries, choose a pocket version of the Maxlight Notary Stamp. This convenient and portable option is pre-inked, so you can take it where you need to go without having to carry a separate ink pad. It is also small enough to fit into a purse or carry-on bag, while still including the state-necessary information. Even if you don’t use it while traveling, the Maxlight’s small size makes it perfect for storing in a desk drawer.

Notary Embossers Create an Official Look

Notary embossers are made with precision laser-engraved dies, which is a method that’s designed to capture detail in your embossing image, keeping your thousandth imprint looking as sharp as the first. Some states require the use of a notary embosser instead of or in addition to a notary stamp, so keep that in mind as you select the seal for your office. Whether it’s required or not, the look of an embossed seal is always classic and timeless.

You can choose between pocket embossers, which are easy to carry or store in your desk, and desktop versions that are easier to operate in quick succession for high-volume paperwork needs.

Customize Your Notary Embosser

To make sure your notarized impression stands out, a seal impression inker can add a light touch of color with ink. Or, you can use a gold or silver foil label for an official look and feel--no ink required. Simply place the foil label sticker on any plain, embossable paper and make your impression with the embosser. Simply emboss the foil label, then peel off the backing and apply the foil label to your document.

Notary Journals Keep Offices Organized

While not required by every state, notary journals are strongly recommended for any notary--no matter if you’re working in a car dealership, public notary’s office, or bank. These journals provide an easy way to record and keep track of all official notary transactions. You can use them to record the signer’s name, address, identification of any kind, and even a thumbprint that can be stamped using our fingerprint pad.

Ordering Notary Products is Simple

If you are licensed to notarize documents then a notary stamp or embosser is an essential tool for the job. No matter which type of product you choose.

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