How To: Re-inking a Mark II Ink Pad

After extended or heavy use, your quick-drying stamps for non-porous surfaces may need to be re-inked. The Mark II Stamp Pad Kit comes with a two-sided ink pad, a 2oz bottle of Mark II #1250 re-activator and a 2oz bottle of Mark II #1250 Ink. The system was specifically designed as a fast-drying ink option for non-porous surfaces. In order to dry quickly on surfaces, the Mark II Ink contains solvent that evaporates rapidly, leaving the dye or pigment to mark your surface. Because of the nature of the ink, special care needs to be taken in caring for your Mark II Ink Pad.

The Mark II Stamp Pad is a two-sided pad. Make sure both sides are closed tightly when not in use. By closing the pad tightly, the condensation inside the pad helps to rewet the surface of the stamp pad. Keeping the pad in the zip-lock bag provided will also help keep the pad moist.

If either side shows signs of drying out, flip the pad over to the reverse side.

Re-ink a Mark II Ink Pad

When it seems like using the reverse side of the pad is no longer working, add a few drops of the Mark II #1250 Reactivator to the surface of each side of the pad. Close the pad tightly and allow a few minutes for it to flush through the pad and re-activate the pad.

Re-ink a Mark II Ink Pad

When the Mark II #1250 Re-activator no longer re-activates the stamp pad, it is then necessary to add several drops of new black ink to each side of the pad.

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