Renewable Consciousness Uses Rubber Stamps to Brand and Market Products

Ever wonder how to use stamps for your small business? From the early design phases to the first product launch, stamps are a great tool to design and market your business. ILden Loyola, a StampMaker customer, turned to stamps when she needed a fun, flexible way to brand and market her new, entrepreneurial endeavor. Read our interview with her and learn how stamps have helped her prepare her product for the market!

Tell us a little about your company and what you do!

My company is Renewable Consciousness ( and we create eco-friendly consumable paper products. One first product is a compostable organic microwave cover that is origami inspired. It sits flat on top of your microwave until needed. Perfect for all your communal microwave needs.

What inspired you to start your company?

I am a Canadian transplant who recently moved to the Michigan area less than a year ago. I had initially moved here to start a different business, but it ended up falling through. So I decided to pivot into Renewable Consciousness. Having worked in offices for the majority of my professional career, I was just like everyone else who waited in line for the microwave when the clock hit noon. I would distract myself with flipping through the newspaper or whichever periodical that was on the lunchroom table, not wanting to think about the previous 7 people that had used the microwave before me. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. And the Eat-o was born.

Why did you decide to use stamps with your product?

My product, Eat-o, is still in the prototype phase. I decided to use stamps because it gives me the flexibility to apply logos, messages and codes to my products and change them if necessary. It's also a lot more cost efficient for small run batches.

I have two stamps that I use. The first is an information stamp which has our product name, website and various info. And the second is our QR code that links to our Kickstarter campaign.

How did you find creating your stamp and placing the order?

Creating my stamps was fun. You can basically choose anything you can imagine. The staff at the Stampmaker, Plymouth are so great and accommodating. I would just tell them what I want, send them the images, and they were ready the next day.

Please support our Kickstarter with our Michigan initiative!

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