Make Your Own Business Cards with Stamps

Making your own business cards is a great investment for your business, letting you create attention-grabbing, personal, and affordable business cards that will stand out. While stamping business cards is a quick and easy way to advertise your brand, it does not mean that you must settle for low-quality business cards.

In fact, adding a personal touch to your business cards can look high quality and show off your creative abilities to other business owners and potential clients. In such a digital world, a physical reminder is a nice touch. All you need are stamps, stock paper, an ink pad, and a design to complete your own business cards.

Creating Your Business Card Stamp

Your stamp should reflect you and your brand. You can easily brand your business with rubber stamps. Rubber stamps are great for personalized business cards. They are cheap, long-lasting, and can be bought in almost any size. They are also reliable on most surfaces and materials. While creating your own stamp, keep it similar to your other branding.

Continuity is important. Let the stamp represent you, showcasing all your talents, abilities, and creativity. Keep in mind that your stamp can have your contact information, website URL, logo, or your business name on it. When designing your custom stamp, consider whether you want it to look clean and simple or state your information with a flourish and artistic flare.

Design Considerations

Next, you must think about what your overall design should look like. What do you want to put on your business card? Would you like a clean, minimalist approach? Would bright colors suit your brand? Do you want a description of your brand to be front and center or your logo? When designing a business card, you must decide what you want potential clients to see first, whether that is your logo or contact information.

It is important to remember that your business cards should authentically represent you and your brand. Create a design that expresses what your brand is. You could use a typography font or a cursive font. You could use different ink colors or watercolor the background. If you want to draw attention to your business’s name or logo, you could layer stamps, adding another dimension to the card’s design that will grab people’s attention. Or, you could stick to a simple, classic black and white business card.

If you stamp your own business cards, you do not have to settle for one design, though. As your business evolves and grows, you can change up your design or stock paper or ink color as much as you want to.

That is the best part of making your own business cards, you are not locked into a style since you ordered a large batch of business cards all at once. Instead, you can make them on the go as you need them.

Card Stock Considerations

Before you pick a card stock for your business card, free yourself of the idea of what you think you need to use. You can use whatever is best for you and your brand. You do not need traditional paper to make a creative, unique, eye-catching business card. If you are an event planning service, maybe you can use napkins with your logo and brand information stamped on them.

If you are looking for something different entirely, you can stamp on wood pieces. If you are sticking to paper, you can buy paper stock in all different weights, sizes, and colors. Since you are making your own business card, you do not have to choose only one specific card stock, either. If you find something that you like better than your original card stock choice, then use that instead. Recycled paper is also an option.

And, if you really want to make your cards stand out, you can paint the edges to make them different and unique. Picking a material to stamp on is important, and the nice part is that rubber stamps are able to stamp on almost any material or substrate.

Ink Considerations

Color helps your card stand out since so many business cards are a simple black and white. You can say a lot with your ink choice. The color, whether neon, pastel, or black, describes your brand to potential clients. When picking an ink color, you should try out different ink colors on different papers to decide what look you are going for. Does your logo look better in white ink, black ink, or maybe a metallic ink?

Colored ink can lend a classy air or a fun vibe to your business card. If your design has other colors in it, you can draw some of the colors from the background and accent them with similar ink color. And, if you really want to get creative, you can watercolor the background of your card, stamping on top of the watercolor. This adds a whimsical, fun air to your business card.

If your card stock happens to be glossy you will want to use a quick-drying ink which allows the ink to dry on glossy paper. You also may want to layer your stamp ink for effect and quick-dry ink will give you a shorter turnaround time and you can hand out your business cards sooner since they dry faster.

DIY Inspiration

DIY inspiration for business cards is everywhere. It is all about how to market your brand best. What card stock, ink color and design best represent your brand. Here are a few examples of creative business cards that exemplify the values of specific businesses well.

An environmentally conscientious business could use any paper product that was going to be recycled and stamp it. Creating a business card that clearly represents who they are as an environmentally friendly company with a mission to further the mission of recycling, while still being creative and eye-catching.

A thumbprint on your business card clearly distinguishes it from everyone else’s and lends a personal aspect to it that claims the card as yours.

While you can use regular rubber stamps, you can also get creative with your stamps. Maybe you sell wine at your business. Why not use a customized stamp to print your logo and then grab a wineglass and create a wine stain on your business card? It would help your card stand out, show what your business offers, and is incredibly creative.

And, of course, a twist on the classic business card. Black card stock with white ink for the lettering. It is a nice take on what is viewed as normal and still looks classy.


The best part of making your own business cards is that you can switch it up as you go. Your final business card design can easily change and evolve over the next few months or years as you and your business change. Stamping business cards is an easy, affordable, and creative way to market your brand and grab attention with your creativity.

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