How to Stamp on Metal

Stamping on non-porous surfaces like metal can be tricky. Regular stamp ink does not adhere properly to the surface and is slow to dry, which makes it easy to smudge or smear.

If you want to stamp on metal, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right rubber stamps and inks. These can be easily purchased online from The StampMaker.

How do you stamp on metal?

  1. To stamp on metal, you will need a quick-drying ink, stamp pad, and rubber stamp.
  2. Make a rocking motion with your metal or wood handle stamp across the ink pad to pick up the ink.
  3. Line up the stamp where you want to make an impression and carefully press down without wiggling the stamp.
  4. Avoid touching the impression immediately after stamping.

Inks for metal stamping

Quick-drying inks have a solvent in them that evaporates after stamping. The ink will dry at different rates depending on the amount of solvent and the type of non-porous surface you are stamping on.

When stamping on metal, we recommend Mark II inks. These inks dry within 10-15 seconds — making it our fastest-drying ink — and will work on multiple surfaces, including metal, plastic, photographs, and glossy paper. The stamp impressions will dry to the touch and resist mild solvents such as rubbing, glass cleaner, and outdoor conditions.

The StampMaker carries a wide-range of Mark II stamp pads and inks in various colors, including black, white, blue, and red. This allows you to switch between ink colors as needed. They are in stock for quick shipment in one business day.

Shop Mark II inks here.

Custom stamps for metal

The Mark II stamp pad comes in several different colors and requires the use of a separate wood handle or metal rubber stamp.

  • Wood handle stamps come in a wide variety of sizes and are a budget-friendly custom rubber stamp option.
  • For stamping on narrow surfaces, we recommend using an inspection stamp, which has a smaller base than other stamp types. The traditional inspection stamps can be used with a separate Mark II stamp pad and are available in a wooden or durable metal handle construction.

Metal stamping use cases

Rubber stamps are a popular tool for manufacturers and office teams who want a simple and cost-effective way to mark up metal parts and products.

Metal stamping is commonly used in quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) to show what items have been tested or inspected. You can design your rubber stamp with a simple pass/fail mark or customize it with letters, numbers, and shapes that correspond to each inspector.

Crafters can also use rubber stamps to add designs to metal, especially jewelry, as an alternative to pressing or hammering.

Our user-friendly stamp design tool makes it easy to make your own stamp with your choice of text, image, and/or border.

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