Ordering Signature Stamps

How to Create a Signature Stamp

Signature stamps make routine task simple. Signing of checks, document or other forms is quick, clean and easy with a customized signature stamp. Here are a few tips that will make signature stamps turn out as close to original signatures as possible:

Signature StampSignature StampSignature StampSignature StampSignature Stamp
  • Make sure to sign your name in black ink with a crisp, clear pen. Please do not sign with a felt tip marker. Any breaks in the signature will show as breaks in your signature stamp.
  • Do not make any stray marks as they will all be included as part of the signature stamp.
  • Sign on plain, unlined paper. If there is any type of line under the signature, we will have to contact you and it may delay your order.

For your convenience, we offer several options for ordering your signature stamp.
Option 1: The least expensive and quickest way to order your custom signature stamp is to upload your signature to our website as if it were logo or artwork. For this option, you must sign your name in the exact size that you will want the signature stamp. You will not be able to enlarge or reduce your signature on our website.
Option 2: You may choose one of our signature stamp options on our Signature Stamp page. Once you choose your signature stamp, there will be instructions for you to upload your signature.
Option 3: If you are not comfortable or not able to email or upload your signature, you can print our Signature Stamp form and mail it with a hard copy of your signature. This is little slower and more expensive, as we must wait for the US Mail.

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