How to Use Fabric Ink for Easy Personalization

Fabric inks allow you to permanently make bold, visible designs on textiles like cotton, linen, muslin, and canvas without heat setting. These inks penetrate fabric fibers so the cloth can withstand repeated laundering. This makes it easy to personalize clothing and other fabrics like t-shirts, tote bags, and other materials.

With fabric ink, you can mark cloth with logos, designs, names, or identification numbers. This is an efficient, low-cost way for individuals and businesses to create t-shirts for a group, add branding to fabric materials, or create clothing for a small-scale retail business. Nine Lives Health, for example, stamps linen bags that are used to hold products. These fabric inks are also popular for personalizing camp clothes, sports team gear, and design projects.

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What ink can I use to print on fabric?

Manufacturers like Trodat and Aero make special fabric ink that can be used with a cloth marking stamp to leave designs and text on fabric.

What is the difference between fabric paint and fabric ink?

Fabric paint typically sits on top of the material, while fabric ink penetrates deep into the fibers of the cloth.

Is fabric ink washable?

Many fabric inks are machine-washable once the ink has been properly absorbed into the cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning.

How do you use fabric ink?

Fabric ink can be used with a wood handle or self-inking cloth marking stamp. The application is similar to stamping with a non-cloth marking stamp.

To use fabric ink and cloth marking stamps, make sure you are stamping on top of a flat, hard surface. You may want to add a piece of paper underneath where you are stamping to protect your work surface. Pull the fabric as taut as it can be without stretching it too much and press the stamp onto the project with steady pressure for 3-5 seconds.

When you are finished stamping, you will need to let your impression dry for at least 24 hours before ironing or washing.

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