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The Versatility of Wood Stamps

Wood handle stamps are useful in a variety of settings, from official business use to home and wedding applications. However, before choosing your stamp, it’s important you know which option will be best for your stamping needs. This article will walk you through the ins and outs of wood handle stamps, including why you might choose a wood handle stamp over other stamp types, where wood handle stamps are most useful, and how you can use different ink pads to make the most of your stamp of choice.

Why Choose a Wood Handle Stamp?

There’s nothing quite like the classic look and feel of a high quality wood handle stamp. Not only that, these stamps are a practical option for many applications. Whether you’re looking to stamp your business logo on marketing materials or want to create a custom monogram for personal documents, you can find a wood handle stamp that’s right for the job. These products are available in many size options and work with all types of ink, all while being the most economical stamp choice.

More size options

Wood handle stamps have more size options than self-inking or pre-inked stamps. Your stampable image can be anywhere from .25 to 6 inches, perfect for stamping jobs large and small. In fact, the largest stamp impression sizes we offer are made with wood handle stamps


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly custom rubber stamp, a wood handle stamp is the right choice. You can save even more if you choose from one of many stock stamp images that we carry in wood handle versions.

Most ink options

Wood handle stamps provide you with more ink options than any other type of stamp. Whether you need ink that works on skin, fabric, or industrial surfaces, you can always use your wood handle stamp to get the job done. You can also use different colored ink pads with wood handle stamps. To change colors, simply use our Stamp Scrubber Kit to clean your stamp and then dip into any ink pad you have on hand.

Uses for Wood Handle Stamps

There are countless uses for wood handle rubber stamps. Use them in your office building for signing documents and notarizing paperwork, or at home for addressing wedding invitations or even paying your bills.

Using Wood Handle Stamps in Business

Stamps can save time and money in almost any type of business, as they help to maintain uniformity and streamline processes when doing necessary paperwork. There are several types of wood handle stamps that can be useful in business.

Logo Stamps

Make your mark on paper marketing materials by having a custom wood handle stamp made with your logo on it! With logo stamps, you can brand everything from order packing slips to coffee sleeves with your business’s unique look. Because you can use wood handle stamps with any type of ink, you can put your logo on virtually any surface.

Signature Stamps

When your job involves frequently signing documents or checks, a signature stamp can save you valuable time. Not only will you be able to sign high volumes of documents quickly, but your signature will also be uniform and legible every time.

Seal Stamps

If you work in a business with a corporate seal, need to notarize documents, or even want to create a custom seal for a personal library, seal stamps are essential. Wood handle seal stamps allow you to make your mark in any color ink and are more economical than self-inking or pre-inked units. A custom monogram seal stamp can even make a great gift for colleagues or business associates.

Architect Wood Handle Stamps

In architecture, it’s important that documents are signed by the appropriate parties, and that any necessary fine print is included. We carry wood handle architect stamps so you can save time while ensuring that legal documentation is provided when needed.

Wood Handle Stamps at Home

Wood handle stamps aren’t just for business use. You can have a stamp created for your personal stationery, or a simple address stamp for sending out mail. Wedding wood handle stamps allow you to add a sweet custom touch to your invitations, save the dates, and post-nuptial thank you cards. Custom wood handle stamps also make great gifts for family or friends who frequently send letters or cards.

Use Different Ink Pads for Endless Possibilities

One of the biggest benefits of wood handle stamps is the ability to use them with any ink, which allows you to get multiple uses from a single stamp. Not only can you change colors with ease, but you can also choose an ink that works on different surfaces, including skin, fabric, plastic, or metal.

Quick Dry Ink for Plastic and Metal

We carry a variety of quick-drying ink for use on plastic and metal, so you can use your wood handle stamps in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. This type of ink is also ideal for stamping on CDs, photos, and other non-porous surfaces, and works with any wood handle stamp.

UV / Invisible Ink

You can also use wood handle stamps with ultraviolet or invisible ink, perfect for use at concert venues, amusement parks, clubs, and other ticketed events. This type of ink won’t leave dark marks on the skin, and can only be seen under a black light.

Wood handle stamps make a versatile addition to any business or home. Because of their cost-effectiveness, size versatility, and usability with different ink, you can’t go wrong with a custom wood handle stamp. Plus, you can create a custom stamp by uploading your own image and text to our Stamp Designer tool. See your logo, signature, seal and more come to life with the imprint of a wood handle stamp.

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