How to Use a Rocker Stamp: Instructions and Video

What is a Rocker Stamp?

Rocker stamps have a rounded bottom and classic wood handle body. They can be used to make large stamp impressions and are popular for stamping boxes and other packaging. Because these stamps use separate ink pads, you can use a variety of ink colors with your rocker stamp.

rocker stamp

How to Use a Rocker Stamp

Using a rocker stamp is simple and makes a quality stamp impression when using the proper technique. To use a rocker stamp:

  1. Use your rocker stamp to make a rocking motion across your ink pad. We recommend doing this more than once to make sure all parts of your rubber stamp pick up a good amount of ink.
  2. Line up your stamp where you want to make your impression.
  3. Press down evenly with a rocking motion toward all corners.
  4. Make sure that you are stamping on a hard, flat surface. If your surface is not level, or you’re not able to apply proper pressure, you may not be able to get a good impression.
  5. Your ink pad should have the proper amount of ink on it. Too much or too little ink will cause the stamp impression to be illegible.
  6. If you are switching to another color ink you will need to clean your stamp first. This can be done with a Stamp Scrubber Kit. Simply spray the cleaner on the scrubber pad and then use your stamp on the scrubber pad to clean. Wipe dry with a rag before using a new color.

How to Order a Rocker Stamp

You can order a custom rocker stamp using our Custom Stamp Maker. This easy-to-use tool gives you the option to add text, a border, and an image. You can pick from our selection of clip art or upload your own image for straightforward customization.

rocker stamp

Our stamp design tool will automatically select the correct size wood handle for your stamp design. Simply enter your desired dimensions to get started. These economical rubber stamps ship in one business day!

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