Embossing: What is Embossing and How Do I Emboss?

An Introduction to Embossing

Embossers are used in a number of professions to validate documents with a seal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the unique needs of each person, from portable pocket models to sturdy desktop options. The most common embossers use a simple embossing technique that leaves a beautiful seal but is easy to operate in the office or at home.

Although there are several different types of embossers, it’s simple to pick the one best suited for your application, whether you’re a professional notarizing documents on the move or a crafter looking to add a unique touch to your personal stationery.

What is Embossing?

An embosser is a small press that creates a raised design or seal on a piece of paper. They are used by notaries, architects, engineers, and corporate officials to validate the authenticity of a document.

Embossers also have personal applications. They add a touch of class to letters, envelopes, invitations, books, or gifts. Embossing can be a unique and whimsical way to add a personal touch to stationery or envelopes.

How to Emboss

There are several different embossing techniques, including dry embossing, heat embossing, and embossing paper. This creates a minimalistic and professional raised image that blends in seamlessly with the material.

Commonly used embossers use a variation of this dry embossing technique. The device is made with two die plates, one with an embossed image and one with a debossed image. By applying pressure, the die plates come together to leave behind a raised image. These embossers can be used for foil stamping or paper embossing.

Types of Embossers

There are a number of professional and personal applications for embossers. They can come in different shapes and sizes depending on their intended purpose.

Corporate Seals

Your corporate seal acts as the official signature for your business and can be customized to include your desired features. But only an embosser can incorporate those features into the raised, imprinted seal.

If you need more than one style of corporate seal, you can easily swap out the embossing seal text plate without needing to replace the entire stamp. This is also useful if your business details change.

Notary Seal Embossers

Notaries use an official notary embosser to validate documents. Depending on your states’ regulations you may need a notary stamp, a notary public embosser, or possibly both. These notary embossers can be customized with gold or silver embossing foil for a classic touch or made to stand out with ink, by using a seal impression inker.

Notary embossers come in a pocket version — perfect for a purse or travel bag — while the desktop model’s durable metal base prevents sliding and allows for more consistent pressure. All notary embossers have precision laser engraved plates for maximum detail and repeatable, quality impressions.

Architect Seal Embossers

An architect seal shows that architectural documents are official and have been prepared with an architect’s supervision. Feasibility, concept, and design reports as well as drawings and sketches can all be authenticated with a seal.

All architect seal embossers are made to conform to the required state format. Simply select your state, choose your model (pocket or desktop), and customize with your details for a crisp and clean seal.

Engineer Seal Embossers

An engineer seal is used by professional engineers to validate and sign off on documents, including engineering plans and drawings. After you’ve passed all your engineering exams, you can obtain your professional engineer seal stamp or embosser.

Engineer seal embossers and stamps that suit the regulations of over 50 states and territories are available. Choose the region in which you are licensed, select the embosser body you prefer, and customize your engineer seal embosser with your name and other important legal information.

Personalized Embossers

Personalized embossers enable you to personalize, brand, or authorize documents, specialized work, and stationery. Ranging from professional to creative endeavors, there are several uses for personalized embossers. Some of the most popular personal uses for embossers include scrapbooking and artwork. Personal embossers are also commonly used to add a classy touch to envelopes, stationery, and invitations.

In professional settings, corporate logo embossers are useful for marking letters, envelopes, or official reports with your brand. This gives your documents a crisp and sophisticated look.

Get Started with Embossing

Embossers are a must-have tool for notaries, architects, and other officials, but embossing is not just limited to these professions. Embossing is an easy way to add a touch of class to any personal and professional document.

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