Embosser Stamps and Seals

Embosser Stamps and Seals

One day shipment on durable, easy to use custom embossers, available in desktop or pocket style! Personalize your own embosser or choose a standard state seal format for any state.

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Corporate Seal Embossers
Authenticate your documents with a crisp, clean embossed impression.
Art, Logo & Text Embossers
Choose one of our unique designs or be creative with your own artwork & text.
Notary Seal Embossers
Start with our notary templates and customize with your notary information.
Engineer Seal Embossers
Made to follow your state engineering requirements.
Architect Seal Embossers
Made to order to meet state standards.
Landscape Architect Seal Embossers
Made to order to meet state standards.
Land Surveyor Seal Embossers
Made to order to meet state standards.

Featured Embossers

Diameter up to: 1 3/4". Handy pocket style handle.
Diameter up to: 1 3/4"
Diameter up to 1 3/4"
1 1/2" Diameter
1 1/2" Diameter
1 1/2" Diameter
2" x 1"
Diameter up to: 1 3/4"

Custom Embossers

An embosser is a small press that creates a raised design or seal on a piece of paper. Embossers have a multitude of uses from professional to personal. They are used by notaries, architects, engineers, and corporate officials to validate the authenticity of a document. Embossers add a touch of class to letters, envelopes, invitations, books, or gifts. They can be unique and whimsical decorations that add a lovely personal touch to stationery or envelopes.

Our custom embossing stamps are backed by our guarantee!

The StampMaker’s embossers are completely customizable to meet your needs.

Your custom artwork or logo can be made into an embosser or we can add text around your logo as well. And, our sturdy, durable embossers come in various sizes depending on your preference. We stand by the quality of our products and guarantee the materials and workmanship of every product we carry. All of our embossing plates are laser-etched for the highest level of precision available. You can depend on our custom embossers to make a perfect impression every time.

What Kinds of Embossers Can be Made?

All our embossers feature high-quality construction. Regardless of the model you choose, all of our embossers are made in house, so they ship in one business day.

Every embosser is not the same. Depending on their intended purpose, embossers come in different shapes and sizes. For example:

  • A mobile notary may want to consider a portable, pocket-sized embosser.
  • A corporation may need a long-reach desktop embosser for use on multiple types of documents.
  • Perhaps you’re looking for a unique personalized present for that special someone. Consider our gift models.

Common Uses for Embossers

Understanding some common uses can help you consider which kind of embosser is right for you. Here are some common uses for embossers:

Address Embossers

Address embossers add a clean, raised seal to envelopes, note cards, and other stationery. This makes it simple to add a classic touch to wedding invitations, Christmas cards, and everyday correspondence. We offer a number of different address designs to fit your style or event — simply select the one you like best and customize with your name and address.

Corporate Seals

Give authenticity to official corporate documents with a corporate seal. Customize your corporate seal so your documents are both distinguished and official.

Personalized Embossers

The sky’s the limit with our custom embossers. Upload your own artwork or personalize one of our stylish designs. Emboss your 20# envelopes, books, stationery or gift bags with your own original design.

Notary Seal Embossers

Embossing documents adds another level of authenticity to a notarized document. All our notary seals are made to fit the exact specifications of your state. Search by your state to customize your embosser with your name and notary number.

Engineer Seal Embossers

Add distinction to documents requiring a professional engineer seal. All our embossers follow state requirements and ship in one business day.

Architect Seal Embossers

Authenticate drawings and documents with a custom architect embosser. Our embossers ship in one day and formats follow state regulation.

Landscape Architect Seal Embossers

These seal embossers are made specifically for landscape architects who need to authenticate drawings and documents. Our landscape architect seal embossers use top quality materials and laser engraving to provide accurate and crisp seal impressions. They are made to conform to the required state format and ship in one business day.

Land Surveyor Seal Embossers

Land surveyors can easily authenticate their documents by adding a crisp seal impression with these land surveyor seal embossers. A perfect addition to your supplies, these embossers are quiet and durable. Simply select your state and enter the necessary information and we will follow the proper state format. Ships in one business day.

Monogram & Gift Embossers

Monogram embossers are customized stamps that feature an identification mark, such as a name, initials, business name, custom logo or an address. These embossers add a unique touch to invitations, thank-you letters, marketing materials, and much more.

Book Embossers

Book embossers allow you to add a custom imprint to your book collection. Upload your own artwork or choose one of our stylish designs to emboss your books with a personalized design. A book embosser customized with your name or other identifiers will help you differentiate your books from others’ and remind borrowers to return them to their owner.

Book embossers are useful for teachers who want to mark the books in their classroom library as their property. They are also a great option for avid readers and book collectors who want to keep track of their personal book collection, especially if they frequently lend them out.

How to Change Your Embossing Seal Text Plate

  1. Remove the old seal text plate from your embosser by pinching the top and bottom of the plate together and pulling it out of the embosser.
  2. Pinch the top and bottom of the new seal text plate together.
  3. Line the prongs of the new seal text plate with the correct holes on the body of the embosser.
  4. Release the top and the bottom of the seal text plate, making sure that the prongs fit into the holes on the embosser.

Tips & How-Tos

Change Your Embossing Seal Text Plate

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