Stamping Bags: How to Stamp Bags | Instructions and Videos

A popular use for a custom stamp is to stamp labels or logos on a paper shopping bag, gift bag, or fabric bag. This is an inexpensive way to add branding or a personal touch to your bags.

Here are some tips on how you can make a clear stamp impression on different types of bags.

How to stamp on a paper bag

  1. To stamp on a paper bag, you’ll want to avoid stamping on the seam of the bag. Stamping on the seam will create an uneven surface and the impression will not turn out entirely. If the bag is folded, this will also create an issue when using the stamp.
  2. You may need to insert a firm, flat piece of cardboard into the bag before stamping to create an ideal stamping surface.
  3. If using a wood handle stamp, start by making a slight rocking motion across your ink pad to pick up the ink. You may need to do this more than once to make sure the stamp is thoroughly covered in ink.
  4. For successful stamping, line up your stamp where you want to make your impression, and press down evenly.

How Do You Stamp Cotton Bags? Can You Stamp on Canvas Bags?

You can stamp on fabrics like cotton or canvas using special fabric ink. However, it is important to remember that even fabric ink will bleed on the fabric. The bigger the fabric weave, the more bleeding will occur, so it’s always best to choose tightly woven fabrics, such as cotton or linen. Picking a light fabric will also help the fabric ink color show up better.

When picking your stamp and design, it’s best to avoid small stamps with small details, as they can get lost during the stamping process. We recommend choosing a fabric stamp or a custom stamp with a larger pattern. Patterns like geometric patterns such as triangles, lines, and squares are great to start with.

When stamping a fabric bag:

  • Always make sure to test your stamp and ink on a piece of fabric first!
  • If using a wood handle stamp, start by making a slight rocking motion across your ink pad to pick up the ink. A light, even coating of ink works best for fabric stamps.
  • Line up your stamp where you want to make your impression, and press down evenly. Do not wiggle the stamp or move it around.
  • If using multiple stamps, it’s best to start with the largest one first and work your way down to the smallest one, letting you take full advantage of the negative spaces left by the larger stamp.

Find other tips and tricks for stamping fabric here.

How Do You Stamp a Coffee Bag?

Rubber stamps are popular for stamping coffee bags with processing information or branding for a “hand-hewn” look. White Pine Coffee in Lake Orion, Michigan, is one example of a company that uses rubber stamps on their coffee bags.

If your coffee bag is made of paper or fabric, follow the instructions for stamping on those types of surfaces above. For non-porous surfaces like glossy paper or plastic, you will need a Quick Dry Stamp and totally dry surface free of dirt or residue.

How to Order a Custom Rubber Stamp?

You can order a custom stamp using our Custom Stamp Maker. This easy-to-use tool gives you the option to add text, a border, and an image. You can pick from our selection of clip art or upload your own image for straightforward customization.

Our custom stamps are available in a variety of stamp bodies, including self-inking, pre-inked, and classic wood handle stamps. Wood handle stamps are also available in extra large sizes for easy branding.

Once you enter your desired dimensions, our stamp design tool will automatically select the correct size for your stamp design. Most stamps ship in one business day!

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