Interview with Cat Golden of Nine Lives Health

Cat Golden is the founder of Nine Lives Health. The mission of Nine Lives Health is to help nurses embody a life that is infused with passion and purpose. She assists nurses in creating a life they love through talks, events, and a personalized mentorship program using her “LEAP LAND AND LIVE” method.“My motto is LEAP LAND LIVE. LEAP — take a chance on yourself. LAND — confidently on your own two feet. LIVE — a life by your own design,” says Cat.

Cat’s creativity certainly amplifies her brand and conveys her message. Through her visual marketing tactics, you feel a pleasant and supportive ambiance, which is what she is all about: creating more peace collectively in the lives of nurses. But visual appeal and successful messaging is one aspect. Strengthening a brand even further means increasing awareness, which is where rubber stamps come in.

“I've been using The StampMaker's rubber stamps since my very first event.”

“My boyfriend told me to use stamps to save money, and that was all I needed to hear.” This holiday season, she mailed 500 nurse Christmas gifts, using stamps for the envelopes. In addition, Cat stamps linen bags, which she mails her inspirational “Nurses Inspire Nurses” pins in. She stamps her Coffee Talk Kit as well, which is a collection of stickers, coffee sleeves, coupons, and more. The kit is used to adorn small nurse group gatherings with a dash of positivity.

“Having tools, like stamps, helps your business operate more efficiently and saves a lot of money,” states Cat. “It also makes you stand out, and people remember it. Especially with the power of social media and everyone being able to tag you. It's amazing how powerful of a message a simple stamp can send.”

“I also stamp all my shipping boxes,” adds Cat, “Actually I should say my grandma stamps all my shipping boxes. She has a small stamping factory at her house and does a majority of my stamping. She wants to help my business any way she can, and it's a huge time saver for me!” We love hearing how Cat’s surrounding support system has helped her in small and big ways, from her boyfriend’s input on using stamps to her mentor’s assistance in helping her clarify her business idea. 

Much of her aptitude and sensibility comes from her previous experience as a blogger. “I used that experience to make all things Nurses Inspire Nurses aesthetically pleasing. I have invested a ton of time and money in high-quality professional imagery. I even did a 13-person photo shoot with Cherokee Uniforms showcasing all kinds of different nurses. Personally, I am very drawn to black and white and grey, natural everything. I throw in dashes of color here and there, but I think the simple basic concept overall makes everything look clean and eye catching.”

Currently, Cat is intending to impact nursing on an even larger scale. “Nurses love taking care of everyone else and so often put themselves last. This leads to burnout and resenting the profession. It doesn't have to be this way! I am here for massive impact and action. I want every nurse who graduates nursing school to know about the Nurses Inspire Nurses movement and join our community,” she exclaims, “There is no reason for anyone to feel alone.”

Through her own inventive spirit, past experiences, and guidance from others, Cat has catalyzed a business centered around supporting and empowering others. As is the nature of Cat’s personal and business mission, she would urge anyone to act on their aspiration. “JUST START!” She advises, “Action breeds confidence and clarity. So often I talk to people who are looking to get clear on something, but they're only thinking about it, not doing anything. You must take action, and then you'll find out what works and what doesn't.”

Cat also provides insight into the role that fear can play, and she encourages people to take steps anyway. “I think we're so afraid of failure that it holds us back. I always say, ‘Fail Forward!!’ Just learn from it and move on. I started a subscription service I wanted to blow up and then ended up stopping it all together to launch my mentorship program, and that was ok. I've had courses flop, designs that I've launched in the shop not do well, and I welcome it all. It gives you feedback to show what does work and where to focus your time. Just get busy doing something, you won't regret it!”

While Cat is always willing to step into unknown territory, her process of developing and marketing Nine Lives Health still has had its challenges.

“Implementation. I am never short of ideas — it's just getting them into existence that's the hard part for me.” At first, Cat was creating all her documents, graphics, and emails on her own, but with outside help, she was able to develop a more cohesive brand. While she feels that the design, colors, and language are still developing, her Nurses Inspire Nurses brand maintains a powerful visual identity.

Keep your eyes out for Nine Lives Health, and maybe drop a line to a nurse in your life! We’re all rooting for the amplification of this powerful movement, and we admire Cat’s creative use of stamps to spread awareness and inspiration.

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