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Minimize Fraudulence and Increase Efficiency with Check Endorsement Stamps

What is an Endorsement Stamp?

Check endorsement stamps are useful for small to large businesses and banks. These deposit stamps eliminate the possibility of fraudulence and help keep your bookkeeping records accurate. Check stamps also increase accuracy and efficiency.

How to Use an Endorsement Stamp

These bank stamps can be used as a blank endorsement directly prior to depositing. You can also use this stamp to add a restrictive endorsement to checks, ensuring that a check can only be deposited into a specific account.

A third way to use this type of stamps is when signing over to a new recipient, which would include the text "Pay to the order of..." and the name of the new payee.

Bank stamps are an efficient way to cash, deposit, and process checks, and they also minimize typos or illegible handwriting to ensure a higher level of accuracy. Endorsement stamps also enable authorized representatives to securely sign stamps and make official deposits.

What Does an Endorsement Stamp Need to Say?

You can use our stamp design tool to design an endorsement stamp with unique text according to your needs and identity information. Our stamps feature customization options such as "Pay to the order of..." or "For deposit only." You will also include identity information, such as your bank name, company name, or deposit number.

Types of Endorsement Stamps

Our endorsement stamps are available in three stamp bodies: wood handle, self-inking, and pre-inked stamps. Wood handle stamps are the most economical stamp and use a separate ink pad. Self-inking rubber stamps, on the other hand, have built-in ink pads that can be replaced or re-inked, making them well-suited for stamping a large volume of documents with a clean impression.

Pre-inked stamps are similarly made to stamp large volumes, but have ink built into the stamp, eliminating the flipping motion of the stamp between impressions. The pre-inked endorsement stamp can create 50,000 impressions before re-inking.

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