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Is It Time to Check Your Date Stamp?

Date stamps speed up routine tasks, making them a popular, low-cost tool for the office. These handy stamps are typically made to last at least a decade, so people often forget to check how many dates they have left before needing to reorder. Don’t get caught off guard — make a note to check your date stamp each year and make sure it’s working at its best.

Here are some common questions and answers about date stamps and how they work:

What is a Date Stamp?

A date stamp works like a regular stamp except it has movable bands that adjust for the year, month, and day. They are a quick and easy way to repeatedly mark bills, shipping documents, food packaging, and other paperwork with the date.

How Many Years Does a Date Stamp Have?

Most date stamps have a minimum of ten years. Trodat self-inking date stamps, for example, contain twelve-year bands.

How to Change the Date on a Date Stamp

To change the date on a date stamp, simply move the wheels within the stamp to shift the day, month, and/or year.

How to Adjust Your Date Stamp

You can adjust the height of your date stamp if you are having trouble printing. Turn the stamp upside down and use a screwdriver to turn the adjustment screws. 

  • To make the date more visible, turn in a clockwise direction. 
  • To lower the date and make the text more visible, turn in a counter-clockwise direction. 

How to Clean a Rubber Date Stamp

To clean a self-inking date stamp, press the stamp down and use the lock buttons on the side to hold it in place. Moisten a towel or stamp pad with stamp cleaner and rub it against the rubber to clean it.

Where to Buy a Date Stamp

The StampMaker has a wide selection of custom date stamps available, which you can easily design and order online with our Date Stamp Wizard

We carry a number of different stamp body styles and sizes to meet your needs:

  • Heavy-duty self-inking stamps with a metal core for daily, high-volume use
  • Standard plastic models that are lightweight and easy to transport
  • Economical rubber stamps with separate ink pads for switching ink colors 

Have additional questions about your date stamp? Contact us.

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