Initial Stampers: Custom Inspection Stamps and Monogram Stamps

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Personalize and Process Paperwork with Custom Initial Stampers

Initial stampers are great for personal or business use. These stamps make it easy to process paperwork or add a personal touch to stationery. 

What are Initial Stampers?

Initial stampers are a category of personalized rubber stamps that can include inspection stamps or monogram stamps. 

Inspection Stamps

Inspection stamps make it easy to mark documents and items to show that they have been reviewed and approved. They can double as coding or initialing stamps when customized to correspond with each inspector. This provides accountability for your inspections.

Monogram Stamps and Embossers

Monogram stamps add personal flair to your stationery, mail, and other paperwork. The most simple monogram stamp uses just your initials, but you also have the option of choosing more intricate designs with your name, address, and/or an image. There are also monogram embossers that can be customized with your initials.

These initial stampers or embossers make great gifts for weddings, housewarming parties, and other events. We carry a wide selection of monogram stamp and embosser designs that you can select and customize.

Other Custom Stamps

Our Custom Stamp Designer lets you fully customize your own initial stamper or other rubber stamps by picking your own:

  • Text, including font, size, and alignment
  • Clipart or image
  • Border (if desired)
  • Stamp size 

This tool gives you the option of uploading your own monogram or business logo, making it easy to customize a rubber stamp for personal or business use. These custom stamps are great for small business branding or office use.

Types of Initial Stampers

Initial stampers come in three stamp body options: wood handle, self-inking, or pre-inked.

Wood Handle Stamps

Wood handle rubber stamps are the most budget-friendly option for your initial stamper. This stamp type comes in a variety of sizes and can be used with all kinds of ink, giving you more flexibility in how you use your stamp.  

Self-Inking Stamps

With self-inking stamps, you don’t need to manually ink the stamp because it has a replaceable built-in ink pad. One of these ink pads is good for several thousand impressions.

Pre-Inked Stamps

As the name implies, pre-inked stamps come with ink already built into the stamp. This eliminates the flipping motion of self-inking stamps and makes them a fast and efficient choice for high-volume stamping.

Where to Buy Initial Stampers

Interested in initial stampers? Shop our selection at

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