Stamps Templates: How to Make Your Custom Stamps

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How to Make Custom Stamps Using Stamps Templates

Rubber stamps aren’t just for personal projects – a custom rubber stamp can be used for branding, routine office tasks, and marking documents and packages with dates and unique codes. A generic custom stamp, for example, can be used for everything from branding on packages to personalizing your possessions. The more niche date stamp, on the other hand, is a useful tool in offices where you need to repeatedly date documents or packaging. No matter what you’re using your stamp for, a custom stamp is a fast and easy way to leave your mark.

Although designing your own stamp may sound intimidating, the process is actually quite simple and can be easily done in minutes. The StampMaker offers three different editable stamp templates for you to use — just select the type of stamp you want to begin the custom rubber stamp making process.

Custom Stamp Template

A simple custom stamp has a wide range of potential applications. In addition to personal and office use, custom stamps are popular for adding branding to business cards, packaging, and mail. Our custom stamp template gives you the option to upload your own design or choose from a selection of clip art. Multiple fonts and sizes are available to add, giving you plenty of choices for building a stamp perfect for your business. 

Creating these stamps is easy with the Custom Stamp Designer. To design a custom stamp with our stamp template, begin by typing your text in the text box and selecting the desired font, size, and justification. The “Image” tab gives you the option to upload your own artwork or choose from stock clipart, which can then be positioned relative to the text. Once you’ve added the basics of your custom stamp, you can choose whether or not you want to add a border and then use the “Proof” button to see a preview of your work. From there, all you have to do is scroll down to see pricing and choose your stamp body before adding to the cart and checking out.

Date Stamp Template

Date stamps can be used to simplify routine tasks that require you to repeatedly date paperwork or packaging. They are a popular tool in offices and can be used for a variety of documents, including bill payments, shipping and receiving paperwork, and mail. Unlike other stamps, date stamps have moveable bands for the month, day, and year, allowing you to adjust the date as time goes on.

Similar to the Custom Stamp Designer, the Date Stamp Designer uses an editable stamp template that makes it simple to create your stamp. When designing a date stamp you have the option to add text above and/or below the date portion of the stamp with easy-to-use text boxes and a number of fonts and sizes to choose from. Once you’ve added your text, scroll down to see pricing and pick your desired stamp body before adding your creation to the cart.

Band Stamp Template

Alpha numeric (or alpha number) band stamps are named for the rotating bands of numbers and letters that can create multiple impressions from the same stamp. These stamps are able to change their dates, numbers, or letters with just a simple turn of a dial. Band stamps come in handy for marking items with dates, unique codes, identifying marks, and more. 

To use the Band Stamp Designer, you need to first choose whether you want a self inking stamp with a built-in ink pad, or a regular stamp that requires a separate ink pad. You then use the editable stamp template to select the character height of the bands that will go on the stamp, as well as the bands themselves. (This can be done easily with a drag and drop function.) After selecting your bands you can preview the price and configuration of your band stamp before checking out.

Other Custom Stamps

The StampMaker also sells a selection of stamps that are customizable without using the stamps templates. These products allow you to personalize certain details within the pre-existing stamp format.

Monogram stamps, for example, allow you to leave the mark of your name, initials, or business logo with style. You can customize your monogram stamp with personal information like your initials, name, and address labels. Some stamps even include the option to add a design or image. 

These monogram stamps can be made for everyday use or customized for a special event. Custom stamps are a great way to personalize recipes, books, and homemade gifts, while wedding stamps allow you to quickly add your personal touch to save the dates, thank you cards, and envelopes.

Design Your Stamp

Are you ready to design your own custom rubber stamp? Find our three stamp design templates here.

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