Inspection Stamps for Accountability: Easy and Low-Cost Solutions

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Using Inspection Stamps for Accountability: Simple, Cost-Effective Verification

Businesses often need a way to verify inspections and quality control. Fortunately, this can easily be done with an inspection stamp. This efficient and low-cost solution leaves a clear, customizable mark on your paperwork or parts. They can also be customized to correspond with each inspector for straightforward accountability.

What are Inspection Stamps?

Inspection stamps are rubber stamps that use coding, initialing, and other text to indicate documents and items have been inspected. They come in a variety of stamp body types, including pocket size stamps for easy, on-the-go review.

What is the Purpose of an Inspection Stamp?

An inspection stamp can be used for quality assurance, quality control, and other verification processes. These stamps leave a clear mark that is easy to read, so you can tell at a glance that the item passed or failed an inspection, and/or was checked by an authority. 

The shapes, numbers, or letters on each stamp can also be customized to each employee to add an additional layer of accountability. This is especially important in industries where items are routinely tested, like pharmaceutical and manufacturing. If an issue arises down the line, your stamp marking will make it easier to trace back through the review process. 

How Do I Create a Stamp for My Business?

Our easy-to-use Stamp Designer Tool lets you create custom inspection stamps perfectly suited for the needs of your business. You can choose from a selection of inspection stamp designs and add your own text, with the option to upload your own design, if needed. You also have the ability to add special instructions if you want to order several stamps at once. 

Don’t want a custom stamp? Stock rubber stamps are available if you need simple phrases like “APPROVED” or “OK.”

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