Custom Name Stamps: Easily Order Online for Home or Business

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Custom Name Stamps: Easily Order Online for Home or Business

Name stamps are an efficient way to sign documents, add branding, or personalize your possessions. Whether you’re trying to quickly process a pile of paperwork at the office or add a bit of flair to your housewares, a custom name stamp is a low-cost way to leave your mark.

Types of Name Stamps

Name stamps are a broad category of rubber stamps that includes signature stamps and monogram and address stamps. 

Monogram Stamps

Monogram stamps can be customized with personal information like your initials, name, and address. You can choose a basic monogram with just your initials, or a more intricate stamp that includes your name, address, and an image of your choice.

This versatility in stamp design means this name stamp can be used for a wide range of applications. In addition to your everyday correspondence, monogram stamps can also be used to personalize event-specific stationery like holiday cards and wedding invitations.

Wood handle monogram stamps are popular for their classic look and feel, and allow you to change ink colors whenever you want. You also have the option of purchasing a self-inking monogram stamp, which comes pre-loaded with your choice of ink. Although this limits you to one ink color, it is more portable than the wood handle version because you don’t need separate ink pads for re-dipping.

Address & Return Address Stamps

Not all address stamps are designer or include a monogram. Basic address stamp designs are popular for shipping, official documents, and other business applications. This type of name stamp allows you to neatly add your return address to envelopes as well.

Signature Stamps

Signature stamps allow you to create a clear impression of your signature quickly and efficiently every time. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Similar to monogram stamps, signature stamps are available in both wood handle and self-inking varieties. For heavy use like stamping checks, we recommend the self-inking option so you don’t have to re-ink after each impression.

Benefits of a Name Stamp

A name stamp makes it easy to sign documents, personalize housewares and gifts, or add branding to your products and packaging. 

  • Sign and endorse documents
    Busy offices can use signature stamps to quickly create a uniform signature every time, perfect for busy employees who need to sign off on a high volume of documents or endorse checks for payroll.
  • Speed up sending mail.
    Address stamps make a clear impression of your return address on any envelope. Monogram address stamps can be customized with as little or as much detail as you want, making them well-suited for both personal and business use.
  • Add your name to clothing.
    A name stamp can be used on clothing to personalize or denote ownership. This is especially handy for marking similar clothing items like uniforms or camp clothes. You can make a name stamp for clothes by customizing a fabric stamp or other rubber stamp that can be used with special fabric ink.
  • DIY your wedding stationery.
    Wedding stamps are an inexpensive way to leave a personalized design on your save the dates, thank you cards, or envelopes. We carry a number of customizable wedding stamps that you can add your names to.
  • Easily add branding.
    Businesses can use monogram stamps to quickly place their logo on to-go boxes, tote bags, and other packaging. We have ink for fabrics, woods, and plastics, giving you a straightforward way to advertise on a variety of surfaces.
  • Personalize your housewares
    Customized monogram stamps like “library of” “kitchen of,” and “handmade by,” stamps add a personal touch in books, recipe cards and cookbooks, or handmade gifts.

Where to Order Name Stamps

The StampMaker carries a wide selection of customizable name stamps that can be ordered online. Our user-friendly Stamp Designer tool makes it easy to further customize your stamp, from a simple signature to a complex monogram image.

Signatures for signature stamps must be signed on a blank sheet of white paper with a black ballpoint pen, with no unnecessary breaks. If you are uploading your signature file to the Stamp Designer, make sure that the signature is the exact size you would like as the stamped impression.

For monogram stamps, simply select the design of the monogram you want, choose your stamp body style, and add your personal information to the given fields to create a stamp of your own. 

You can also use our custom Stamp Designer tool to upload a monogram of your own design.

Interested in name stamps? Shop our selection of custom rubber stamps here.

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