Stock and Customized Teacher Stamps for the Classroom

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Streamline Grading and Quickly Give Feedback with Teacher Stamps for the Classroom

Teacher stamps are excellent tools to grade papers, congratulate students, and much more. Our selection of stamps for teachers features long-lasting products designed to leave bold impressions. 

Choose from stock stamps or use our Custom Stamp Designer to easily create your own personalized teacher stamp. Orders ship in one business day!

What are Teacher Stamps?

Teachers use teacher stamps to grade, leave feedback, or ask for a parent's signature on papers or documents. These rubber stamps allow you to leave clear impressions and marks rather than manually writing, saving you time on administrative processes. Teacher stamps can also be a fun way to leave encouragement or incentivize students to complete classwork.

Stock Teacher Stamps

Stock teacher stamps often include a variety of symbols, like smiley faces, stars, a thumbs-up, and A+. Stock stamps are popular grading stamps for teachers. Good quality stock rubber stamps are easy to use and can leave thousands of impressions. 

Personalized Teacher Stamps

Teacher stamps can also be customized to meet the unique needs of your classroom. Our easy-to-use Custom Stamp Designer gives you the option to add your own text, image, and border to truly personalize your stamp. The tool has a number of fonts, clip art, and stamp sizes to choose from, with the option of uploading your own image.

With a personalized teacher stamp, you can add words of encouragement, instructions, your name, and more. They can be designed for routine grading or special projects — the possibilities are almost endless.

Stamps for the classroom

  • Grading stamps - Grading stamps can be used to add letter grades or positive feedback like “good work!”
  • Name stamps - Teachers can create rubber stamps with their name for a more personalized message, like “Ms. A says great job!” or “Reviewed by Ms. A.”
  • Instruction teacher stamps - You can customize your instruction teacher stamps to cover common feedback in your classroom. Popular phrases for teacher instructions include “parent signature needed,” “please complete,” “show your work,” or “please revise.”
  • Funny teacher stamps - Custom rubber stamps let you have fun with your feedback! Design a teacher stamp with puns, jokes, and/or a design of your choice.
  • Teacher library stamps - “From the library of” stamps are a handy tool for teachers who want to keep classroom copies separate from their personal collection and remind students to return books at the end of the year.

Where to Buy Teacher Stamps

The StampMaker carries both stock and custom teacher stamps that can be easily ordered online with quick, one-day shipping. 

  • Our stock rubber stamps are affordable and durable, perfect for schools or teachers looking to cut down on costs. This includes specialized teacher stamps in a variety of symbols and ink colors.
  • Our stamp design tool makes it easy to build a personalized teacher stamp. Our custom stamps have the choice of three stamp bodies: self-inking, pre-inked, or traditional wood handle.

Self-inking Teacher Stamps

Self-inking stamps have internal ink pads to re-ink the rubber stamp between each press. This eliminates the need to manually ink the stamp with a pad before each impression. Self-inking teacher stamps are an excellent choice for fast, high-volume stamping.

Self-inking stamps are good for over 7,000 impressions, with the option of replacing or re-inking the ink pad inside the stamp once it runs out.

Pre-inked Teacher Stamps

Pre-inked stamps have a built-in ink reservoir and last for an average of 50,000 impressions. Pre-inked teacher stamps are an economical, time-saving choice for high-volume stamping needs.

Wood Handle Teacher Stamps

Wood handle stamps are the most economical rubber stamp option. They are used with a separate ink pad, which gives you the option of changing ink colors as needed. These stamps are also available in extra large sizes. Wood handle stamps are a great option for teachers who want to add colorful feedback or designs to their papers.

Order Your Teacher Stamps Here

Choose from stock teacher stamps or use our Custom Stamp Designer to easily create your own personalized teacher stamp. Orders ship in one business day!

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