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Forgetting Something? Make Sure You Have All Your Stamp Products!

When it comes to stamps, there are tons of companion items that can extend the longevity of your stamps or enhance your stamping experience. While some of these items are up to personal preference (such as different colored inks), others are essential to use your stamps, like ink or foil. Here, we go through several different types of stamps, inks for stamping, types of embossers, and much more—so you can make sure you have everything you need!

Rubber Stamps

Whether you have an address stamp, art or logo stamp, signature stamp, stamps for skin, or anything in between, you may need various types of ink, ink pads, or cleaner. Even if your stamp is self-inking, you might decide to stock up on a self-inking stamp replacement pad ahead of time so you’ll be prepared when it comes time to refresh your ink. Below, go through the different types of ink, ink pads, and additional items you might need.

Types of Stamp Ink

  1. Quick-dry ink eliminates mess, dries fast, and leaves crisp impressions.
  2. Quick-dry ink for pre-inked stamps replaces old ink when it dries out.
  3. Self-inking stamp replacement pad can extend the life of your self-inking stamp.
  4. Hand ink is non-toxic for use on hands and arms.
  5. Invisible ink will not show up unless used with a blacklight.
  6. Fabric Ink withstands multiple washings, perfect for use on totes, clothing, and more.

Stamp Maintenance and Companion Items

  1. Dry-ink stamp reactivator loosens up dry ink by softening the fibers.
  2. Stamp cleaner keeps your stamps in top condition over time.
  3. Blacklight is intended for use with invisible ink.


Embossers and corporate seals are used to authenticate documents across a range of professions. They’re used by notaries, engineers, architects, land surveyors, and much more. Some embossers create a raised impression directly on a material, and others make use of foil for a more polished appearance. Below we go through the different options you may choose to accompany your embosser.

Embosser Products

  1. Emboss on a gold foil label and then adhere to your document with a peel-off adhesive back application.
  2. A silver foil label that you can emboss on and then adhere to your document with a peel-off adhesive back application.
  3. Gold foil label roll is ideal for high-volume usage needs.

Stamps and embossers alike call for a range of products to keep them in great condition and to be able to continue using them for years to come. Rather than purchasing a whole new stamp when our ink dries out, for example, you can simply stock up on extra ink or ink pads. As mentioned before, certain items are necessary to make use of your stamp or embosser, such as an ink pad if your stamp is not self-inking—or foil for your embosser. So before you check out, make sure you have all of the products you need to ease your stamping experience!

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