DIY Christmas Cards: How to Make Homemade Christmas Cards

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Easily Make DIY Christmas Cards with Rubber Stamps

Homemade Christmas cards are a truly personal craft, and can be a great DIY activity for kids and adults. You don’t have to be a “crafty” person to make high-quality cards, either. With the right tools and information, crafters of all skill levels can create Christmas cards at home.

If you want to create your own Christmas cards this year, read our guide to homemade Christmas cards. We’ll walk you through every consideration for making your own Christmas cards, from the design and paper to simple but custom touches.

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How to Make Homemade Christmas Cards

Step 1 - Decide on Design

Your first step to making homemade Christmas cards is to decide on a design or designs for your cards, including theme(s), colors, and lettering. Websites like Etsy and Pinterest are great places to look for design inspiration.

More elaborate designs will naturally take more time and effort, but there are some simple and inexpensive tools that can help speed up the process without sacrificing quality. Rubber stamps and embossers, for example, are both great options for streamlining the do-it-yourself card-making process. 

Step 2 - Pick Your Paper

Once you’ve settled on a design you’ll want to pick your paper. Although construction and printer paper will likely be the most readily available, you’ll want something a bit sturdier for your DIY Christmas cards. Card stock is usually the paper of choice for homemade cards. It is thicker than printer paper and comes in a variety of weights, sizes, finishes, and colors. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to the look and feel of your card.

Step 3 - Add Your Designs

Once you have a design in mind and have purchased your paper, you can get to work on the actual creation of your homemade cards. Consider the tools or accessories you’ll need to decorate. Do you need a scrapbooking paper punch? Adhesives? Stickers or other embellishments?

Be honest with yourself when it comes to your design methods. Do you feel confident enough to freehand with pens or markers, or would you prefer to add or incorporate a pre-made design? How much time do you want to spend? No matter your approach to DIY, there are tools that will help you work faster.

Rubber Stamps

If you’re pressed for time (or artistic talent) a custom rubber stamp can be a fast and efficient way to add a clear, crisp design. Wood handle stamps, for example, are popular for crafting applications because they allow you to switch between colors, and are easy enough for children to use, too.

Personalized Embosser

To add a polished, clean-cut element, you might want to consider a personalized embosser, which adds a raised design, text, or monogram to your paper.  After inserting and pressing a piece of paper or envelope between the plates, your custom text or design will be visible on the surface.

Step 4 - Don’t Forget the Envelopes

Do-it-yourself doesn’t end with your Christmas cards. You can add a personal touch to your envelopes, too. Online retailers carry envelopes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles — a few online searches should give you an idea of what is available. When picking your envelope, consider the design and size of your Christmas cards to make sure it is an appropriate fit.

You can add a festive design to your envelope by hand or use a rubber stamp to streamline the process. Monogram stamps and return address stamps, for example, are both popular for use on envelopes.

Holiday Stamps for DIY Christmas Cards

There are several types of rubber stamps that are useful around the holidays:

Custom Stamps

Custom rubber stamps let you personalize your design with your choice of text, image, and/or border. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in what design(s) you add to your homemade Christmas cards, especially when you create your stamp with our easy-to-use custom stamp maker

Monogram Stamps

Monogram stampsadd personal flair to your Christmas card or envelope with your choice of initials, name, and/or image. The classic look of a monogram takes the design of your DIY Christmas card to the next level.

Return Address Stamps

Return address stamps allow you to quickly and easily add your address to envelopes, making them perfect for processing a large volume of Christmas cards. Pick your desired font, style, size, and spacing to create a seasonal look, or go with a more neutral design you can use year-round. 

Handmade by Stamps

Handmade by...stamps are a great way to mark your DIY Christmas cards or accompanying gifts. They are also a great custom gift idea for the crafters and hobbyists in your life! 

Start Your DIY Project Today

Interested in trying DIY Christmas cards? Find options for easy-to-use (and simple to design) custom stamps and personalized embossers here.

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