How to Make a Custom Rubber Stamp: Easily Order Online
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How to Make a Custom Rubber Stamp

Custom rubber stamps are handy tools for crafters, businesses, and everyday life. Making your own rubber stamp is easy — just pick the type of stamp you want and create your design in our easy-to-use stamp design tool.

What is a Rubber Stamp?

Rubber stamps are a type of stamp that can be used to create crisp, clear impressions of addresses, dates, logos, and other designs.

Types of Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps can have different types of stamp bodies. Some of the most common types of rubber stamps are wood handle, self-inking, and pre-inked.

Wood Handle Stamps

Wood handle rubber stamps have a traditional look and feel, but are one of the most versatile types of rubber stamps. They have more ink options than self-inking or pre-inked stamps because they use separate ink pads. This allows you to switch between different colors or types of ink, including fabric inks and inks that can be used on the skin

Additionally, wood handle stamps also have more options when it comes to sizing. The stampable image on these stamps can range from .25 to 7.5 inches, making them well-suited for a variety of applications. Their budget-friendly and flexible design have made them popular for office work, manufacturing, events, and personal use like wedding invitations and other correspondence.

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking rubber stamps offer a quick and clean way to make an impression. Unlike wood handle stamps, the self-inking stamp has a built-in ink pad, so you don’t need to manually ink the stamp with each use. This ink pad is good for over 7,000 impressions and can be replaced or re-inked to further extend its product life.

The ability to repeatedly make high-quality impressions makes self-inking rubber stamps a good choice for applications where you need to stamp a high volume of papers or products in one sitting. 

The self-inking stamp is available in a variety of sizes and ink colors.

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are good for 50,000 impressions and have ink built into the stamps themselves. This eliminates the flipping motion of the self-inking stamp and allows for even faster stamping. 

This durable, long-lasting stamp is ideal for industrial applications like stamping return addresses or marking with a brand logo.

Like the self-inking stamp, the pre-inked stamp offers different options for sizing and ink color.

How to Make a Rubber Stamp

When making a rubber stamp, the stamp body is attached to a piece of rubber that has been engraved with a design. When using the stamp, the rubber is covered with ink and pressed down onto paper or another surface to leave an impression of the design.

At StampMaker, you can select your stamp body and type of stamp online. You will then be directed to the appropriate stamp design system to customize your text and/or design. This will be laser engraved into the rubber of the stamp for high-quality, smudge-resistant impressions.

How Can I Make a Custom Stamp?

The StampMaker has a custom stamp design tool where you can easily create your custom rubber stamp. You can:

  • Add text. Choose from a number of font and size options, then type out the text you want to include.
  • Add an image. Browse our collection of clip art or upload your own image for easy customization. 
  • Add a border. There are several choices to choose from if you would like to add a border to your stamp.

This tool is simple to use, but please contact us if you have any questions!

Design your custom rubber stamp here.

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