The History of XStamper and Why We Sell Them

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The History of XStamper and Why We Sell Them

When searching for the ideal stamp, having a trustworthy company to turn to is all you need. At The StampMaker, we sell dependable brands that use only the best materials. We take the time to understand the brands we support, in order to offer you the best products.

Today, we want to discuss our decision to offer XStamper stamps. XStamper is a leading company in pre-inked stamping. Their products are securely built with quick-drying inking stamps that will last.

The History of XStamper Pre-Inked Stamps

The Beginning

XStamper has a vast history in the stamp industry themselves. This history begins in 1925 when their Mannen stamp pad was developed and released, modernizing the stamp pad industry. This novelty stamp pad would continually stamp without needing to be inked each time.

This concept was leading edge at the time, yet it did not gain traction quickly. In order to popularize this new technology, government and public institutions were gifted these products. As these ink pads became more popular, the brand developed.

Big changes have occurred over the years, from re-branding to new chairmen and presidents, but the brand has taken each change in stride. Through these dynamic brand shifts, the company received many exposition opportunities.

In 1970, they attended the Osaka Expo. In 1989, they attended the World Design Exposition in Nagoya, and in 2005, they attended the World Expo in Japan. Alongside this brand expansion, their Artline marker and XStamper product lines continued to improve and were steadily released.

Where They Are Now

Currently, they have more than nine production facilities and 2,000 employees worldwide, including Australia, Denmark, China, Japan, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Their products are now offered in most major languages and sold in over 80 countries.

They are a leading stamp manufacturer and hold high quality standards for both their products and their business. This company cares about the trust of their customers, ensuring maximum longevity with lifetime guarantee on all their products.

Through the planning, production, and distribution of their products, XStamper protects the safety of the products, customers, and environment. As a company, they seek to minimize environmental burdens and maintain a high standard of eco friendliness. Their products are efficient and use recycled materials to offer the best to both their consumers and the environment.

Why Purchase an XStamper Pre-Inked Stamp

The XStamper pre-inked stamp is a high-quality product. It makes clear, durable, and precise markings and is offered at a lower cost than competitors. Their innovative development of cellular rubber is the most durable product for pre-inked stamps.

They keep an extensive stock line of products and offer custom made XStamper pre-inked stamps. Their pre-inked stamps lead because they are clean, consistent, reinkable, dry quickly, and don’t bleed. Overall, they are trustworthy, high quality stamps that come with a lifetime guarantee.


We trust XStamper because they care about well-developed, effective, lasting products for their customers. Their products are sturdy, consistent, and cost effective because they focus on the entire product life cycle.

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