The Wedding Stamps You Need & How to Use Them

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The Wedding Stamps You Need & How to Use Them

Whether you’re trying to save money or add personal flair to your wedding, stamps are a great solution.

The nifty thing about stamps is that it allows you to bring a consistent theme to everything you use them on. You could add the same design to your save the date cards, invitations, rsvp cards, thank you cards, and even return address stamp and napkin holders.

Choose a Design for Your Rubber Stamps

Choosing a design for your stamp is the first step. The key here is to make it fit with all the other wedding decisions you’ve made.

If you have wedding colors picked, that’s great! See if you can buy those in ink. If you have a general theme or vibe, then that also lends itself to choosing a specific stamp pattern.

One final tip is to not overdo the design. Keep it simple and you’ll thank yourself later.

Add Flair to Your Wedding Invitation Suite

Once you have chosen a design or uploaded your own design you have the basics complete! Now it’s time to add your own unique flair to your wedding.

Choose your paper to reflect the vibe you want to give off to your guests. Linen type paper works well with more formal weddings, while brown paper is great for more casual weddings.

Be careful when choosing glossy or coated paper. Stamp ink often does not dry well on this type of paper and may require specialty ink pads that are more difficult to work with.  

Pick ink colors that follow your wedding theme and work with your design! You can use one stamp pad or different colors to add some style.

Maybe your main invitation is a forest green and the RSVP cards complement that in a rich brown for example!

To make things easier, we suggest using an ink pad that will be big enough for your largest stamp. Using a dye-based ink pad that can be re-inked will also make your life easier. This will ensure that there is a always ink for your stamps.

No need to stop there! If there are flourishes or designs included in the stamp, use colored pencils or markers to add a personal touch and some added color! Embellish even further with stickers or other materials.

Decide How Many Stamps and Which Stamps You’ll Need

The number of stamps you need really depends on what all you want to use them for. There will be some more specific examples later, but you can use stamps for just about anything you can imagine. Some common uses include the main text of the invite, return addresses for envelopes, and designs for all of the above. 

To make this easier on you, we created invitation suites. Each invitation suite includes an invitation stamp, an RSVP stamp, and an accommodations stamp. But if you plan on getting help stamping, then you may want multiple stamps for each design. 

The type of stamp you’re looking for depends on what it’s being used for. Items like return addresses may be best as a self-inking stamp. This will allow you to consecutively use it without having to reink.

For most of the stamping, you’ll probably be looking at wood handle rubber stamps. The best thing about these is the flexibility. It’s fairly easy to get a personalized design and you get to choose the color every time you stamp.

Different Ways to Use Stamps for Your Wedding

1. Save the Dates

Save the Dates are an essential, and incredibly exciting, part of the wedding planning process. Using stamps allows you to have full control over the design.

There are a couple great uses for stamps with Save the Dates: design, content, addresses, and more. Use fun designs and inks to make something special. You can even add a quick monogram to the back to elevate the design further.

You can also design a stamp for the text on the card. This will save your hand from writing the same information countless times.

Finally, return address stamps save a lot of time and are great for Christmas and birthday cards later! Using stamps to design Save the Date cards also gives you a lot of flexibility regarding shape and size. Items like business cards or bookmarks could make creative Save the Dates with a little bit of decoration. Just make sure that whatever shape you choose has an envelope it can fit in.

2. Invitations

Wedding invitations are an essential way to inform your guests about the big day. Get a stamp made with the wedding info to save your hand and create a fun, unique wedding invite!

3. Thank You Cards

Thank You cards can take a while to write. Between adding a personalized message and getting around to everyone who attended, there’s a lot to do. Fortunately, stamps can help with that.

Little parts like the return address can be automated, but the best part is the design. Getting a large Thank You stamp for the front instantly turns any lovely old card into the perfect Thank You card.

4. Place Cards

Place cards can be a really fun way to add further personalization to wedding décor. Stamping them instead of printing them can be a lot kinder to either your wallet or your hand. It also allows you to stick to the same theme as the rest of your décor.

5. Wedding Favors

At this point, everything we've recommended has been used on paper. But you don't have to use stamps just on paper.

For little wedding trinkets, you can add stamps to candles, napkins, or even cookies! Stamps work especially well for tags on bags. The stamps themselves can even make party favors once you’re done with all your DIY!


Here's some final advice for those of you looking to get some stamping done. Make sure you lay out your design and do some test runs. Always keep wipes on hand for spills and cleanup. And, finally, don’t be afraid to use lots of color!

Deciding to handmake your Save the Dates or Wedding Invitations can definitely be an undertaking. But it’s also a lot of fun. Make sure you take your time nailing down the method that works best for you. With a little thought and love, you can have personalized Wedding Invites that will always remind you of your big day.

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