The Bestselling Rubber Stamps and Stamp Accessories in 2023

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The Bestselling Rubber Stamps and Stamp Accessories in 2023

Well, we’ve got 2023 nice and wrapped up, and that means we have some statistics to look at. So for those of you looking for rubber stamp tips for 2024: here are your favorite stamp supplies of 2023.

Your Favorite Rubber Stamps in 2023

There were two styles of stamps that were really popular: Trodat Printy and Maxlight. These styles both come with built-in ink and high-quality, custom dies, making them excellent and versatile options.

Why You Should Buy Trodat Printy Rubber Stamps

The Trodat Printy revolutionized the market when it was introduced: the first self-inking stamp. It earned the Blue Angel award, a prestigious German award for environmentally friendly products. Since then, Trodat has continued to update this design, making it a staple stamp for many uses.

These self-inking stamps use an internal mechanism to continually re-ink the die, allowing for quick, reliable impressions. You can even add ink so that they last longer. These stamps come in many different colors and sizes to best fit your custom designs.

The top selling variety of the Trodat Printy was the 4913 version. It’s a champ for completing thousands of impressions. Some notable features include a laser engraved die, a clear stamp base, and manufacturing that minimizes its carbon footprint. The impression area is 3/4" x 2 1/8".

There were several other popular variations of the Trodat Printy. The primary difference was the size of the impression area. These include:

Why You Should Buy Maxlight Rubber Stamps

Maxlight stamps are another line developed by the stamp connoisseurs over at Trodat. In contrast to Trodat Printy, these stamps are pre-inked. This means that the die pad is saturated with ink that comes through when pressure is applied.

Like self-inking stamps, these can be reinked to increase their lifetime. Maxlight stamps come with the same high-quality build and functional design as the Trodat Printy.

The most popular Maxlight stamp was the Maxlight 325.The diameter of this circular stamp is 5/8", making it the perfect tool for many uses, including inspection stamps. The pre-inked nature of the stamp makes it ideal for quick and crisp impressions. The dust cover keeps the stamp clean and makes it extra portable.

Your Favorite Stamp Pads in 2023

Your favorite stamp pads were the staple stamp pads that we offer in a variety of sizes. These pads come in black, red, green, purple, and uninked varieties, making them great options for any number of situations.

Stamp Pad Size 0

The Stamp Pad Size 0 comes in at 2 ¼” x 3 ½”. This pad is great for small stamps or situations where you may need to carry the pad in a bag or even in a pocket.

Stamp Pad Size 2

The Stamp Pad Size 2 comes in at 3”x 6”. This pad is great for larger stamps. At this size, it covers a large variety of stamps while still remaining relatively portable.

Your Favorite Stamp Ink Refills in 2023

One ink really topped the charts this past year. The Maxlight ink provides an excellent companion to the previously mentioned Maxlight XL 325.

Maxlight Ink

This ink for pre-inked stamps comes in black, blue, red, green, and purple. While this was the crowd favorite, it’s important to note that this ink only works for pre-inked stamps and should not be used for self-inking stamps.


Now that 2023 is over and life has started to slow down, we have a moment to reflect on some of last year’s favorites. For good reasons, both the Trodat Printy and Maxlight stamps were bestselling stamps. Being a self-inking stamp, the Trodat Printy makes thousands of crisp impressions without needing to be re-inked. As a pre-inked stamp, the Maxlight stamp is a crowd favorite for its speed and ease-of-use.

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