Make Your Own Handmade Cards for Fun and Savings.

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Make Your Own Handmade Cards for Fun and Savings.

Sometimes the most heartfelt and meaningful gifts are simple and handmade. The effort that goes into creating a gift or a card just to say “I’m thinking of you” feels special. As the gift giver, store-bought cards add an element of ease. They save time. You can pick them up on the fly. But are store-bought cards really the ones you want to be sending?

Instead, take a second and let your creativity run wild. It’s time to start making handmade cards again.  

Are Handmade Cards Better Than Store-Bought Cards?

Store-bought cards have their place in our lives, but are they better than a handmade card? Our team here would say no. Handmade cards are just extra special.  

For our busy moms, they are a great craft idea to try with the kids. If you take the time, you and your little team could create quite the stache of unique cards to hand out for any occasion.

For the women looking for a creative outlet, handmade cards are the perfect addition to a girl’s night in. All you need is your favorite beverage, some vibey music to set the tone, and your craft supplies. From there, let the creativity take over and enjoy a peaceful night in with your girls.

For the work manager planning team bonding events, crafting handmade cards is a way to let your employees let loose and de-stress. Best part? This is a useful (and fun) activity. You’ve given your employees space to create something they can use later.

The more people you invite to your card making session, the less it costs. Even if you create cards by yourself, you end up saving a large amount of money the more cards you make. Supplies will last you awhile, so why buy a store-bought card when you can bring your vision to life and give cards that are perfect for every scenario.

You can easily repurpose stamps for any situation. For example, the Volkswagen bus can be coupled with a “Congratulations on Your Retirement” stamp or a “You Rock” stamp or an “Adventure Awaits” stamp. As you build up your craft collection, you will have even more flexibility.

The best place to start is with a larger stamp that has multiple uses and then numerous smaller stamps with the typical sayings. Each card can look different, too. Between different sayings, different ink colors, and different cardstock, you can cultivate quite the collection of handmade cards for every occasion.

Cost Comparison of Handmade Cards Vs. Store-Bought Cards

Not convinced? Let’s take a quick look at the cost breakdown between handmade cards and store-bought cards. As a baseline, we’ll use the typical Hallmark card, which costs around $5.99. Now, here is a list of the supplies you could use to create a handmade card.

  • Cardstock
    $6.99 for a 10 pack ($0.69 per card)
  • Stickers
    $1.00 for 24 stickers ($0.04 per sticker)
  • Colored Pencils
    $5.99 for 36 pencils ($0.17 per pencil)
  • Large VW Wagon Stamp
  • “Congratulations on the Journey” Small Stamp
  • 3” x 6” Stamp Pad

The total cost of all these supplies is $52.49. Once you’ve made ten cards using these craft supplies, you’ll have spent less on each card than you would by buying a Hallmark card. And you’ll have ten, beautiful cards to gift to your loved ones.

Inspiration for Handmade Cards

Our team had a great time coming up with different designs for handmade cards. We laughed. We got creative, and we bonded. Here’s a few of the beautiful cards that our team made:


Making cards at home is a great activity for anyone. Not only does it save you money but you also can bring your vision to life. What’s better than that?

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