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Rubber Stamps Crafting 101

Rubber stamps and embossers are easy to use and relatively low-cost tools that crafters of all skill levels can utilize for a variety of projects.

What is the Difference Between Stamping and Embossing?

A rubber stamp holds ink that can be pressed onto paper and other surfaces, leaving behind a clean, clear impression. An embosser, on the other hand, is a small press that creates a raised design or seal on a piece of paper.

Rubber Stamps Crafting

Rubber Stamping Craft Ideas

Rubber stamps are versatile crafting tools that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, fabric, and non-porous surfaces like plastic and metal. 

Paper Crafts

Rubber stamps are most commonly used on paper crafts such as handmade cards and scrapbooks. They can be used to decorate envelopes, paper party favors, and gift wrap. This makes them a popular choice for crafters and hobbyists who create personalized stationery.

For crafters who sell their products, rubber stamps are also a cost-effective way to make your own business cards and small-business branding for packaging and signage. 

Fabric Crafting

Rubber stamps can be used to add designs to linen house goods of all sizes, including wall hangings, curtains, fabric napkin rings, and throw pillows. This method is significantly easier and less time-intensive than other fabric crafting methods like embroidery and needlepoint.

Fabric inks are also popular for customizing clothing items like aprons, linen bags, scarves, and shirts. Rubber stamps make it simple to create the same clean design over and over, allowing crafters to customize these clothing items at a high volume for bulk orders and large-scale crafting if desired.

On a smaller scale, fabric ink can be used to embellish decorative touches like ribbon. 

Learn how to stamp on fabric here.

Crafting on Non-Porous Surfaces

Quick Dry Stamps make it possible for crafters to stamp on non-porous surfaces like glossy paper, plastic, metal, and cellophane. These surfaces can be harder to decorate than paper and fabric (especially for beginner crafters), so rubber stamps offer an inexpensive way to craft with these types of materials. 

Common crafting projects with non-porous surfaces include bottles, planters, and other home goods, as well as jewelry and glossy stationery. 

Learn about stamping on non-porous surfaces

Rubber Stamps for Crafts

Rubber stamps can be made with a wide range of designs, giving crafters almost endless options when it comes to rubber stamp crafting. Both stock and custom rubber stamps can be easily ordered online in a variety of stamp bodies. 

Wood handle stamps are typically preferred by crafters because they allow you to switch between different stamp colors and have more flexibility in sizing; at StampMaker, for example, your stampable image can be anywhere from .25 to 7.5 inches with a wood handle stamp.

Personalized Rubber Stamps for Crafters

Crafters can use our custom stamp designer to create a personalized rubber stamp with your choice of text, image, and/or border. You can choose from a selection of clip art or upload your own image.

Embossing Crafting

What is Embossing in Crafts?

Crafters commonly use these embossers to easily add visual embellishments and texture on paper cards, foil seals, and scrapbook pages. The ability to customize your embosser gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the designs you can incorporate. 

Embossers are also handy tools for crafters who sell paper crafts and want to add their logo to their products.

What Surfaces can You Emboss On?

You can use an embosser press to emboss letters, envelopes, invitations, books, or gifts.

Start Crafting Today

Shop our selection of customizable rubber stamps and embossers and get started crafting today.

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