The Stampmaker Gift Guide for Birthdays, Holidays & More

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The Stampmaker Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect gift? Whether a loved one’s birthday is around the corner or you want to show a coworker, teacher, or friend some extra appreciation, custom stamps are the ideal choice! Nothing says “thoughtful” like a gift that is entirely tailored to your family member, colleague, or close friend - and their hobbies. So if the holiday season is soon approaching or a thank-you gesture is called for, you’re in the right place to find a gift that is both uniquely special and timeless. Explore these 6 stamps that are great for the avid reader, the family chef, the crafter - and much more!

Handmade By…

The “handmade by…” stamp is perfect for the hobby - or professional - artist, graphic designer, or the crafty friend. Does your coworker paint in their free time? Customize a “handmade by…” stamp with their name, logo (if they have one), or design that embraces the essence of their craft. They’ll be able to stamp the back of each canvas or paper full of beautiful watercolor with their own mark on the back. Is your family member or loved one into embroidery or crocheting? This stamp is also a great choice for creating tags and cards to go along with fabric creations!

Monogram Stamps

The monogram stamp is a great choice for a family or newlywed couple, but it’s also practical for virtually any individual—making it a gift that you simply can’t go wrong with! This stamp is available in multiple sizes and is designed to be completely customized. All you have to do is add the name or last name and address of the giftee to the address stamp template. Next, you can choose the font and any design to accompany their information. From vines, flowers, and rustic arrows to sophisticated lettering and lively cursive, you can design a stamp that is just right for your close friend, loved one, or colleague!

Return Address Stamp

Similar to the monogram stamp, the return address stamp is useful for anyone. A simpler choice, the return address stamp is also perfect for a newlywed couple or a new homeowner but is also useful for someone that operates a small business. Just like the monogram stamp, you only need to add the name and address of the giftee, and you can also choose a specific font or small design to go with it. This stamp makes sending letters and packages much more efficient, and it also adds a fun, personal touch!

From the Library Of…

Friends with someone who loves to read? Is your sibling or parent always getting their hands on the latest Pulitzer-prize winner? Does your family friend have shelves upon shelves of books in their den? “From the library of…” stamps are a one-of-a-kind present that many people wouldn’t necessarily think to get for themselves. These stamps create a beautiful crisp impression on the inside of book covers or the back of books to personalize any novel, nonfiction book, old textbook, and more. With a simple design such as an initial, diagram of a book, or small image of a flower, “From the library of…” and “This book belongs to…” stamps are as functional as they are charming.

From the Kitchen Of…

Does your mother-in-law love to bake or is your coworker always bringing goodies into the office? Show them you notice their tasty treats with a “From the Kitchen Of” stamp! These stamps feature lovely utensils, cookware, or any other design of your choice. A “From the Kitchen Of” stamp can be used when bringing a baked good or savory dish to a holiday party or family gathering, but it’s also wonderful if your giftee wants to start a small food business. Personalize these stamps by choosing the right body style and adding your giftee’s full name or initials.

Wood Rubber Stamps

Looking for a more decadent gift? This stamp features a smooth wooden handle, creating an elegant look if your sister is a dedicated professional or your father has a home office that needs some sprucing up. Both useful and beautiful, wood rubber stamps are intended to be customized for a wide range of uses. Add different designs, contact information, or even upload a signature to create a tailored wooden stamp that your loved one, teacher, or coworker will make use of for years to come.

Custom Rubber Stamp

Have an entirely original idea for a stamp? Develop your own custom rubber stamp to bring your idea to life! Consider creating a stamp in one of your friend’s favorite type of designs or a stamp that features your family member’s beloved pet. These stamps come in various sizes and font styles—and you can also upload your own artwork.

If the winter holidays are coming up - or it will soon be the birthday of someone close to you - a custom-made stamp is an unforgettable gift. From the hobby-themed stamps, such as the “From the Kitchen Of…” or the “Handmade by…” stamp” to the practical address stamp, there is a wide range to choose from. Surprise your favorite teacher, your long-time coworker, your friend, or your family member with a stamp that is just right for them.

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