Need Ideas for Housewarming Gifts? Try Stamps!

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Need Ideas for Housewarming Gifts? Try Stamps!

Looking for a housewarming gift? If your friend or family member has just transitioned into a new home or apartment, they are likely still getting settled and putting the finishing touches on their place!

Housewarming gifts are not only an opportunity to provide your friend, sibling, or client with a useful item—they are also a chance to help celebrate the move. Below we go through four different kinds of stamps that can be personalized, making them perfect presents to brighten a new home!

The Address Stamp: Highlight Their New Address in a Fun, Sophisticated Way

You can customize an address stamp with the name or family name and their new address, and choose the kind of font that matches the personality of the recipient. You can also include small design elements, such as vines if your friend has just moved closer to nature—or a small image of a home to represent a family-oriented focus.

For a simpler option, you can opt for the return address stamp, which is a perfect option for a newlywed couple that might need to write thank-you notes!

This stamp is useful for helping your friends or family establish their new residence in a fun, thoughtful way. So, whether you are gifting to a couple who has just been married and found a new home or a friend upgrading to a larger place, a monogram or address stamp is the ideal choice for a new homeowner.

From the Library of Stamp: Help the New Homeowners Personalize Their Book Collection

Does your close friend love to read, or does the family have a large collection of novels? “From the library of stamps…” are unique stamps that you can tailor to match the recipient.

Add your friend or family member’s name, select the kind of style, design elements, and font that reflects who they are, and choose the exact phrase to use, such as “This book belongs to.”

“From the library of…” stamps are the kind of stamp that most people would not necessarily think to get themselves. This makes them even more special to receive and helps the homeowner or apartment dweller personalize the books in their new space.

From the Kitchen of Stamp: Inspire “Kitchen Warming” with These Fun Stamps

“From the Kitchen of” stamps include a fun design, such as utensils and rolling pins—and you can also customize them with the recipient’s name!

Is your brother-in-law always bringing his delicious casserole to family gatherings? Does your best friend love crafting baked goods to offer her neighbors?

This stamp is a great way to bring some joy to the giftee even if they are still settling in. These stamps make beautiful impressions on small cards to accompany the food.

Handmade by Stamp: Celebrate Their Crafting Side with this Unique Stamp

The “Handmade by” stamp can be entirely customized to match the giftee’s type of craft or hobby. In addition to including a special design on the stamp, you can choose the type of font that goes well in addition to adding their name.

Does your daughter love to crochet or build custom woodwork items? Does your client have a small jewelry-making side business? Whatever craft the recipient loves to do, the “Handmade By” stamp is a perfect way to encourage them to keep on expressing their creativity!

While moving represents a new life chapter and ample possibility, it can also be stressful or hard to fully transition into a new place. These housewarming gift ideas are the perfect way to help your friend, client, or family member enjoy their new place and fill it with gifts from those closest to them.

Whether you are attending a housewarming party or simply want to send a special gift in the mail, the Stampmaker has a variety of timeless, customizable rubber stamps that will last for years to come!

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