Stamping Products Used in an Office Setting

While businesses are increasingly finding online solutions to everyday problems, a lot of the necessary offline work still takes just as long as it always has. To help with this, office stamps are useful supplies that save you time and can maintain uniformity with the necessary paperwork in your business. In this article, we’ll detail the various uses for office stamps and help you choose which type of stamp will best suit your unique needs.

Importance of Using Stamps in an Office Space

If you work in an office, you know how much of your day can be spent on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. To maximize productivity, it’s important to streamline your processes whenever possible. Just think about what you could do with all the time you spend signing documents, routing and dating paperwork, or approving proposals! Luckily, using stamps in your office can save time, maximize consistency, and cut out some of the repetition in your day.

Uses for Various Office Stamps

Stamps can be useful in a variety of office work, and depending on your needs, you might even be able to find multiple ways that stamps can help you get the job done. If your work process includes anything from routing paperwork to signing important documents, we have a stamp that can increase your effectiveness and consistency.

Routing of Paperwork

When papers need to be reviewed by various parties, it’s important to have a recognizable mark of approval on the documents, and what better way to do that than with a stamp? Having a literal stamp of approval will hold company representatives accountable for the work that they’re putting their name on. This way, when paperwork changes hands between departments, no one misses a step in the process.

A great way to ensure accountability when routing paperwork is to provide each department manager with their own customized signature stamp. This allows you to easily see who signed off on each step in the process, all the way from purchasing to accounts receivable. Or, if multiple employees are permitted to approve documents, try a stamp that represents that team as a whole.

Dating of Paperwork

In businesses where paperwork is time sensitive, custom date stamps make tracking easy. Simply rotate the bands and set your date at the beginning of each day, and you’re ready to start stamping invoices, packing slips, or permits. You can even use brightly colored ink to make the date stand out on the page. If employees in your office need to write out the date dozens of times per day, a date stamp can save them valuable time and effort.

Signing Documents

If a significant portion of paperwork in your business requires a signature, you can use signature stamps to make day-to-day tasks more efficient. Handwriting signatures can be time consuming and repetitive, and it also doesn’t account for an absence of the signee. With a custom signature stamp, you can pass on the duties of signing paychecks, contracts, and other documents on to someone you trust when you are not in the office.

Approval and Notarization of Documents

Usually, only a handful of individuals have the privilege to approve documents in a given organization. With personalized stamps, you can make sure that only those with permission to give approval are signing off on licenses, contracts, or permits. If multiple people in your office need to review documents, you can create different custom stamps for each person to make it easier to distinguish who was responsible for each piece of paperwork.

If you have licensed notaries working in your office, our notary stamps and seals will provide authenticity to the documents that you notarize. Just be sure to check with your local government to ensure that you include all of the information that’s necessary on your custom notary stamp.

Types of Office Stamps

While stamps can be useful in any office setting, it’s important to choose the right stamp for the job at hand. Whether you’re looking for a custom, pre-inked stamp for approving contracts, or a simple pre-designed stamp to cut down on time-consuming tasks, we’ve got what you need.

Pre-Designed Stamps

Pre-designed stamps are the most economical stamp option, as they are premade and include no custom text. They are available in Bank Stamps and Teacher Stamps. We also offer stock date and number stamps if you simply need to include an order number and the date on an invoice, for example. Pre-designed stamps are an easy choice for routine approvals, where no customization is needed.

Wood Handle Stamps

There’s nothing quite like a traditional, wood handle stamp, especially when you customize it to suit your specific needs. These stamps give you the ability to change color with different ink pads, which can not only add a fun dimension to your paperwork but also helps you stay organized with color coding.

Self-Inking Office Stamps

If you need to stamp dozens or even hundreds of papers in quick succession, a self-inking office stamp is the perfect tool for the job. With built-in ink that’s good for several thousands of impressions before re-inking, you can stamp documents without having to pause to hit your stamp pad every time. These office stamps allow you to route paperwork in a way that’s clean, convenient, and efficient.

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are a long-lasting option that provide up to 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked. These premium stamps are perfect for signatures, seals of approval, and more, as they can be customized to suit any need. Made with durable plastic and rubber, our pre-inked stamps are high-end and built to last.

Date Stamps

Most important paperwork needs to be dated for record-keeping purposes. Date stamps come in handy for this job, especially when it is important that dates aren’t forged or changed. We offer date stamps in both self-inking and stamp and pad models, so you can choose what’s best for your line of work.

Number Stamps

Number stamps allow you to code inventory sheets, invoices, and other documents with unique numeric sequences. You can choose a stock number stamp for an economical option, or customize your own unit with any alpha numeric character you need. Using a stamp for numbering items can help you maintain accuracy and consistency, while also saving time.

Stamps can be a useful part of the workflow in any office, especially in businesses where documents frequently change hands or detailed records need to be kept. Our Custom Stamp Designer will walk you through the creation of your own stamp, made to order to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re signing paychecks or adding order numbers to invoices, we have a stamp that you can use to do it faster and more efficiently.

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