Stamping on Non-Porous Surfaces

Non-Porous surfaces include any surface where the ink will not absorb into the material, but remain on the surface.

Some examples include: Photos, cd's, glossy paper, plastic, metal and cellophane.

For a stamp impression to work on this surface, the surface should be totally dry. The surface should also be free of any dirt or residue.

We have several Quick Dry Stamp options available. Inks are available for many different applications, with different dry times and degrees of durability. If one of our quick dry inks does not meet your needs, send an email for suggestions to

The information below is helpful in determining what you will need:

  • Material to be marked on
  • How it will be applied
  • Drying time desired
  • Porous or non porous surface
  • Surface coating
  • What the mark must be permanent to
  • Should it be removable
  • Ink color
  • What inks have been tried

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